Manual testing is the process by which software functionality can be verified using an end user to ensure that there are no defects.

Software testing can be done manually or automatically by using a computer. Software quality is the goal of all methods.

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How to do manual testing

Understanding The Requirements

Manual testing must always be done correctly. Manual Testing must also be done correctly.


Users will need to think beyond the box in order to discover other requirements and sources to understand the system's functionality.


Write test cases

Once you have defined the requirements and studied them, it is time to create test cases. These cases allow future testers and developers to run additional tests with no extra effort.


Excel is still a popular tool for testers to record their test cases. TestLodge's test case management tools, such as TestLodge, make it simple to organize test cases and increase your productivity.

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Take Tests

Now it's time to test. This will help you plan for the future.


Additional investigation

It's important to plan and document all test cases. Sometimes exploratory tests are more useful than you thought.


Exploratory Testing allows testers not to follow a specific pattern but instead explore the possibilities and add on to the cases for the next round.


Log Bug Reports

All bugs and defects will be logged by the tester. Bug reports that are prepared ahead of time will help you save time and make it easier to answer any questions.


It will be easier later to find the bug. This bug report should include steps to reproduce the problem (often called test cases steps), as well as actual and expected results.

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Report on Test Results

After tests are run, it is helpful to see the results