Although the frightened ghost could also climb the wall, he knew he couldn't breathe and speak in the air like the old man. He stopped under the wall and slowly took out a pair of transparent gloves like silk and glass. He said word by word, "I'll give you a stove of incense. If the old man has half a minute to speak, the ghost's martial arts may be no match for you. At least there is some certainty that they will perish together." Surprised, the old man said, "Brother Gui would not hesitate to defend this child with his life. Even if it is the order of General Ming, it seems that it is not in line with Brother Gui's usual style." The ghost did not explain, but slowly put the gloves on his hands, and the cold expression was enough to make people's hair stand on end. Xiao Xian felt a big shock in his heart. From the end, he thought that such a big villain would value himself so much. It seemed that he really regarded himself as a life-saving benefactor. He was at a loss for a moment. The two guards on the city wall shouted all the way to come, the sleeves of the old man's robe gently brushed, two fingers sent out the wind, the two guards hummed and hummed at the end, were hit by the acupoint, soft fell to the ground. The old man sighed, "I wanted to stay in the capital a little longer, but I can't." "Grandpa is so good at martial arts," said Xiao Xianqi. "Are you still afraid of them?" The old man smiled and said, "I was so stuffy at home that I came to the capital to relax my muscles and bones. If I was wanted by the officers and soldiers all day,drum spill containment, how could I still have any interest?"? The next time you want trouble, make a scene! He was to keep the slow voice, said to the last sentence, is overflowing with pride, high-spirited, snow from the hair and beard in the capital city head flying in the wind, like a general who looks down on the world. Xiao Xianqingzhi met an expert: "What does Grandpa want to say to me?" The old man laughed and said,stackable plastic pallets, "In fact, I had nothing to say, but when I was chased by a ghost, I thought of something.". Let me ask you, why did you bet only one or two pieces of silver in the last game of the casino just now, knowing that you would win? Even though Xiao Xian was clever, he could not imagine that the old man would ask such a question. He said truthfully, "I already feel uneasy about letting Grandpa spend money. How can I take advantage of it?" The old man nodded with a smile: "As long as you can always maintain this simplicity, the old man will be relieved.". I hope we can meet again in the future. Confused, listening to the old man seemed to leave, hurriedly grabbed his clothes: "Grandpa, don't go first, I also have questions to ask you." The old man said lightly, wholesale plastic pallet ,foldable bulk container, "You don't have to ask me why I helped you. Maybe it's just a congenial meeting. Maybe it's just a whim. You don't have to take it to heart." Xiao Xian's question was preempted by the old man. He rolled his eyes and said, "I owe you one hundred taels of silver. Do you want me to pay you back in twenty years?" The old person is stupefied: "Why to want 20 years later?" Xiao Xian thought that the old man might have eavesdropped on his conversation with Wu Xiaoyan before he went into the casino to find himself. But looking at the old man's expression, it was clear that he did not know about it, and yesterday the ghost was frightened and Gong Dichen sent him all the way to Qingqiuyuan. Everyone in the capital knew the attitude of the General's Office, but the old man did not know anything about it. He was even more surprised: "Why did Grandpa come to the casino to find me?" The old man blinked his eyes and said, "I just came to Beijing today. I was just strolling in the street. Who said I was looking for you specially?" "Grandpa is not allowed to deceive people. As soon as you enter the casino, your eyes are staring at me. Of course, you are looking for me." The old man laughed and said, "Well, I might as well tell you that I really wanted to see you by the way when I came to Beijing. But I didn't know that the person I met was you when I was in the casino. I just saw a child of the same age and paid more attention to it.". Who would have thought it was an act of God to bump into him. The old man's words were full of contradictions. Xiao Xian lowered his head and thought for a while before he gradually understood: "Well, Grandpa knew there was such a person as me, but he didn't know what I looked like. Why on earth?" The old man sighed lightly, "I can't tell you the reason now." Xiao Xian pouted. "Why does everyone seem to have something to hide from me?" He thought that ever since he met Master Yu in Mingpei Peak, he had refused to say the prophecies of Master Kuhui, Gong Dichen had refused to say the words of Lin Qing, and now the old man had come to keep him in suspense. The old man said with a straight face, "I promise you that if you and I are destined to meet again next time, I will never be full of secrets.". Why are you going to the casino? The dialogue between Xiao Xian and Wu Xiaoyan came out exactly as it was, and the old man's eyes flashed: "What a'gentleman without jokes'! He can also see your achievements after 20 years!" This sentence in the small string heart set off monstrous waves, never a moment, so full of confidence in their own, blurted out: "I will be 20 years later what kind of person?" The old man hesitated, but suddenly he pointed to a bird flying in the air. "Have you ever seen a bird fly?" Xiao Xian shook his head blankly. The old man said, "Before a bird takes off, it must shrink its chest and draw in its feathers before it can spread its wings and soar.". Life is the same, if you want to soar into the sky, you must first reserve enough strength. Xiao Xian's eyes lit up and he faintly understood what the old man meant. The old man continued, "So, you don't have to think about what kind of person you will become in the future. You just need to learn your skills in a down-to-earth manner first, and it will come naturally in the future." "But I.." As soon as Xiao Xian gritted his teeth, he felt that under the old man's eyes, which seemed to know everything, there was no need to hide anything at all. "But I am already a useless person, and I can't practice martial arts at all!"! You can't even learn skills. The old man was stunned. Holding Xiao Xian's wrist, he felt his pulse. His face changed slightly. "Who did this?" Xiao Xian said bitterly, "It's the image of the leader of the four big families." The old man shook his head with a deep sigh: "If you act against heaven, I'm afraid it will be difficult to turn things around." Xiao Xian Yi Xi: "Can it be remedied?" The old man smiled bitterly, "I don't have the ability." Small string jumping mood instantly dropped to freezing point, the ghost was so afraid of the old man, no doubt has the ability to shock the world, but even he is powerless, he is doomed to be an ordinary person who does not understand martial arts forever. For a long time, he said dejectedly,plastic pallet bin, "Grandpa, don't say anything. I can't learn anything like this. What else can I achieve in the future?" The old man smiled. "You don't have to be depressed. Martial arts can't solve everything.". You can't practice martial arts, but you can follow literature. Have you ever read any books? 。