But at the same time let me think impassability is, if the summer does not regret is really the day poison gang boss cold-blooded ghost, and water aunt is his sister, why water aunt's people to the summer does not regret so heavy, almost killed him? I saw it with my own eyes when Xia Buhui fought with the gang who kidnapped me. They couldn't have acted so lifelike that they were about to die, could they? What's more, even if the brother and sister are not in harmony, the cold-blooded ghost is still the boss of the Heaven Poison Gang, and the younger sister's people will not dare to kill the master's brother! Another point that makes me even more confused is that Shuigu Aquatic Products Company also has grimace masks, which means that when they kill people, they will use the same or similar methods as serial murders, so will these murders in the mountain city be done by them? Apart from the night I went to see Xiaoli off, Xia never left me. Even if he was the cold-blooded son of Tiandu, he didn't have the chance to do so many cases, and he didn't even have the chance to order people to do it! I also thought of Uncle Yang's death, but also Xia did not regret revealing the truth of Uncle Yang's death, if he is the boss of the day poison gang, he should try to cover up the truth of the murder, how can he deliberately expose his own people to commit crimes? A series of things are too unreasonable,stainless steel toilet, I think more summer does not regret this "killer maniac" is wronged, day poison's men testified that he is a cold-blooded ghost, in order to confuse the public security personnel's line of sight, and Xiaoli was killed in the case of the evidence found by the public security personnel, but also someone carefully designed to frame him! As for why to frame Xia Buzhen, let the public security personnel arrest him, not because Xia Buzhen is my bodyguard,Service Sink Faucets, and he will go all out for me, Xia Buzhen has saved me twice, but also twice destroyed the good things of the day poison gang! The public security personnel regard Xia Buzhen as the cold-blooded son of Tiandu. How can they never think about how a gang boss who kills so many people can be someone else's bodyguard for a long time? Even if it is to cover up his identity, there is no need to do so. Besides, if summer doesn't regret is a cold-blooded ghost, his idea close to me is nothing more than want two things, one is my blood stone, one is my life, he has so many opportunities to take away the blood stone and kill me, with me for a whole year did not lay hands on me, but in order to protect me at the risk of life, is there such a good gangster in the world? Is there such a gentle "killer"? Song Zijian once said that Grandpa Xia's grandson, Xia Yu, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, was kidnapped by Tiandu when he was two or three years old, and recognized him as his godson. Tiandu wanted to train Xia Yu to be a killer to deal with the police. Nine times out of ten, the cold-blooded ghost was him. But Xia Yu's age is about the same as Xia Guo's, and Xia Buzhen is the same age as me. These situations should be known by the public security personnel. How can they insist that Xia Buzhen is a cold-blooded ghost? Now, the public security Bureau has found out Shuigu's aquatic products company, not to say that the murders in the mountain city were all done by Shuigu's aquatic products company, and Xia Buzhen was also framed by Shuigu! Think of these, I can no longer sit still, I want to tell Song Zijian these things clearly, let him accompany me to the Public Security Bureau to reflect the situation. Song Zijian agreed. He said he would drive to pick me up immediately and let me wait for him at the jewelry store. But before Song Zijian arrived, Xia Guo came back from the Public Security Bureau! Verse 48: Chapter 10 Love Becomes Evil (1) Chapter 10 Becoming a Bewitching Man Because of Love I remember clearly that the day Xia Guo was released was a Sunday, which was also the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in 2007, the Double Ninth Festival. However, the Double Ninth Festival was an unlucky day for me. Xia Guo left on that day and never came back. He left me only a black Sunday. Xia Guo came back from the Public Security Bureau not to confess to me, but to say goodbye to me. When I saw him, he was calm and much older, much like a criminal serving a sentence. I had a lot to ask him, but I don't know why I didn't ask him. I was full of anger at him, and even hated his dirty behavior, but I didn't burst out at the moment I saw him. He said he was a sinner in front of me, but he no longer asked me to forgive him. When I asked him what had happened, he just smiled bitterly and said nothing. Xia Guo went to his room and came out in a few minutes. He did not take anything, only put on the suit I bought when I was going to marry him. The suit had not been worn since he returned to the small building. Unexpectedly, he treasured it like a treasure. Before he left me, I did not know why he put on the suit again. I didn't ask him to stay, and I didn't want to keep a man who had fooled around with so many women. I don't need to ask him any more. I believe Song Zijian will find all the answers from the public security personnel. I didn't even give him a penny. I had millions in his account, which was enough for his expenses. He stood in front of the small building and said a simple goodbye to me, then looked back silently for a while and turned away. I do not know whether he is nostalgia for my small building, or nostalgia for the owner of the small building, looking at the thin figure disappeared in the crowd, I do not know whether I am happy or sad. Standing in front of the small building, I didn't even notice that Song Zijian was standing beside me. Sister, what happened? Why are you in a daze here? Song Zijian asked me softly. I smiled sheepishly and said hesitantly, "Oh, here comes Zijian. I'm waiting for you here." Sister, when I came to you, I went to the Public Security Bureau first, so I came a little late. I didn't know until I got to the Public Security Bureau that Xia Guo had been released. Haven't you seen him yet? "Yes, but gone again." I said with my head down. When Song Zijian saw that I looked wrong, he asked anxiously, "Xia Guo has gone. Where has he gone?" I looked up at Song Zijian and whispered, "I don't know. He didn't say where he was going,Flushometer valve, and I didn't ask." "How could you let him go? Why didn't you stop him? He left because of you!" Song Zijian stamped his feet in a hurry. I "Give me back what? We have to get him back quickly, or he will be in danger!" I saw Song Zijian get so angry for the first time, and it was directed at me. cnkexin.com