Never had hope, let Fang yuan become rational and calm. He decided not to drive Xiao Shang away. He wanted to use her to get close to the devil. As expected, the devil failed to make nine turns and lived in seclusion in the valley to recover. Before Fang yuan could find out his exact location, the news was revealed by the devil's most trusted subordinate. The devil has always been overbearing and extremely harsh on his subordinates. It is normal for him to be betrayed by his subordinates this time. The vast majority of the bewitching immortals, are not really submit to the devil, after getting the news, immediately five domains up, a large number of bewitching immortals together, surrounded the valley. The devil is in imminent danger, the small business is worried about his father, to support, Fang yuan took the opportunity to go together, so that the small business is very moved. As a result, Fang yuan went to the devil's side, and a great battle began. The devil's power did not fall, killing many bewitching immortals, but also exposing his weak nature. The bewitching immortals recognized the hope and fought to the death. Fang yuan planned to frame the devil and leak precious information, which put him in danger step by step. In the final decisive battle, the two sides fought until they ran out of ammunition and food. By chance, Fang yuan grasped the control of the immortal array that finally defeated the enemy. There is only the power of the last blow left in the fairy array, but it is enough to lay the foundation for the battle. Immortals roared at the source of the other side: "Kill this devil quickly, Kuang Fu justice, and return heaven and earth Pure Brightness!" " Xiao Shang Fairy is in a desperate situation, and Fang yuan is her only hope of survival. "Why don't you kill these bewitching immortals quickly?" Said the devil to the source! I will make you the second person in the world,push button toilet flush valve, enjoy the invisible splendor and wealth from now on, and have my daughter accompany you all your life. Fang yuan hesitated and struggled. In his mind, his parents appeared, and they were also roaring: "Kill him quickly, kill this devil, and avenge my family!" Countless pairs of eyes are focused on Fang yuan. Fang yuan manipulates the immortal array, where to hit, which side will be destroyed,Concealed Flush Valve, the other side will win. Hit the right path, the devil wins, this is not what Fang yuan wants to see. But if he doesn't, the merchant fairy will fall and die. Perhaps, he should first save the small business, in the future, there is still a chance. After this incident, Fang yuan will gain the trust of the devil. But this is not safe, Fang yuan himself does not have the confidence to solve the devil alone. The devil is really too strong, as long as give him to slow down this tone, he will be more cautious than before, but also more powerful, Fang yuan's hope of revenge will become very slim. If hit the devil, this is the safest, so that Fang yuan can kill him, for their own bear a lifetime of blood feud, give a clear answer. But in this way, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Xiao Shang Fairy will die, which is also not what Fang yuan wants to see. Fang yuan's eyes twinkle, his heart is entangled with love and hate, his contradictions and pains are unprecedented, and time is pressing, so he needs to make the final decision quickly. No matter what this decision is, it will inevitably determine the trend of the world, and will greatly affect the rest of his life! Is he going to hit or not hit the last blow? If so, where to hit? All the bewitching immortals in their hearts watched Fang yuan closely, and many people kept shouting, urging Fang yuan to make the most crucial decision. Under the attention of millions of people, the hesitation and struggle on Fang yuan's face suddenly dissipated. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, revealing a sarcastic smile. Then he really laughed, and in the soft laughter, he heaved a sigh of relief, and suddenly his whole body relaxed. What are you laughing at? Don't make a decision quickly! The devil roared and urged him. I'm laughing at myself, and I'm laughing at you. Fang yuan looked at him with calm eyes, then glanced around, and raised his eyebrows and eyes: "Love, love, fight and kill, don't you think these things are boring?" The next moment, the dream of induction suddenly collapsed again. (To be continued.) Verse 527: Fang Mou is in the front, Jiu Ge is in danger. Boom! With a loud noise, another city on the black hair continent collapsed, and the Mao people suffered numerous casualties in an instant. Feng Jiuge, you should die! The spirit of Langya sent out a manic roar, which was mixed with a painful sadness. Feng Jiuge sneered and shot away again. The silver giant, driven by the spirit of Langya, keeps chasing. Before he left, he sprinkled a piece of Huaguang. In the ruins of the city, the ordinary Mao people who were injured and not dead all benefited from Huaguang. Their injuries quickly improved and their lives were saved. But this is useless to the war situation. The silver giant has eight turns of combat power, but Feng Jiuge is the same, both can not stop the other side to attack and kill. Unless there is a difference in fighting power between the two sides. Hasn't Fang yuan responded yet? Langya Diling's eyes were red, and he asked beside him. Several Mao people in charge of liaison shook their heads one after another. Hateful The spirit of Langya crunched his teeth, clenched his fists, and went crazy. "At the critical moment, he didn't need it!"! Is he trying to escape on purpose? No, no! He is not this kind of person who lacks courage. As long as he joins hands with me, these bewitching immortals in Zhongzhou can stay alive. So.. I'm afraid Fang yuan has also suffered a blow from heaven! Although the spirit of Langya is furious and manic, it is still rational. Elder Taishang, what should we do? It's no good to chase Feng Jiuge like this! Mao Liu asked. The immortals of the Maomin people are not the spirits of Langya. Although they were born and grew up here, after they became immortals, their ideas naturally changed and they were divided into immortals and mortals. If these ordinary Mao people die, they will die. At most, it will be better to spend time cultivating them later. But if those Zhongzhou bewitching immortals are allowed to deploy freely, the whole Langya Blessed Land will be in great trouble. These Maomin bewitching immortals also wanted to persuade the spirits of Langya, but they lacked courage. Only Maoliu had a special identity and was a ghost. At this critical moment, he knew he had to stand up first. To the surprise of other Mao people, the spirit of Langya listened to Mao Liu's advice, but did not become more irritable or angry. Instead, he smiled ferociously: "Don't worry!"! How could I forget those Zhongzhou bewitching fairies? Without Fang yuan,Self-closing Faucet, we have other reinforcements, ha ha ha! This Feng Jiuge thinks he has a plan, but in fact it's just a dying struggle. These people are all going to die! They're all going to die! 。