After Song Qi's funeral, Song's father and mother all fell ill, and thanks to Tang Wei's help, Qin Xuanxuan reluctantly took good care of Song's father and mother. But she did not expect that after the death of Song Qi, Du Muyan immediately brazenly came to the door and brought up the past again. Qin Xuanxuan gave him a slap as a response, to see his stunned appearance, she had a faint pleasure in her heart. But Qin Guodong and Tang Wei almost beat Du Muyan out of the house. The response from the Qin family made Du Muyan regret for a moment, but it was only a moment, and he could not stop. After going to Qin Xuanxuan many times and getting her rejection and scolding forever, Du Muyan's patience was exhausted and he began to take the next step. He always knows how to blackmail others to get what he wants. Qin Guodong, a professor of history at a University, has the arrogance of a literati. What Du Muyan did was very simple, trying to get him involved in a dishonorable teacher-student relationship-a female student brought by Qin Guodong reported to the school that her tutor threatened her with graduation and made her have an improper relationship with him. This is naturally a false accusation, but the rumors in the school spread very quickly, many people do not know the truth on the self-judgment of another person's character, Qin Guodong's reputation has been seriously damaged. The Qin family all believed in Qin Guodong's behavior, but when they wanted to confront the girl, she hid and refused to see anyone, making a look of fear. When Du Muyan appeared and threatened Qin Guodong's teaching career, what he got was Qin Guodong's rejection and contempt. After Du Muyan was driven away, Qin Guodong even made Qin Xuanxuan swear that he would never agree to any request of Du Muyan for his reputation. Qin Xuanxuan hated Du Muyan deeply,Time Delay Tap, coupled with Qin Guodong's emphasis, she would not compromise with Du Muyan. When Qin Guodong was suspended at home, Song's father and mother could not accept the fact that their only son had jumped off the building and both committed suicide in the hospital. Because of this, Tang Wei was hospitalized, while Qin Xuanxuan asked for leave to organize the funeral of her parents-in-law. When Qin Xuanxuan returned to the company after the funeral, she got a letter of resignation because she had asked for too much leave during this period. Before in order to pay back the money for the Song Qi family, the Qin family's savings are almost used, Qin Xuanxuan lost his job,Manual Flush Valve, the Qin family's life is also difficult. But even at this point, Qin Xuanxuan did not mean to compromise with Du Muyan. She borrowed some money from her relatives, first filled in Tang Wei's medical expenses, temporarily pressed the monstrous hatred of Du Muyan in the bottom of her heart, looking for a job everywhere, but ran into a wall everywhere. On the day Tang Wei was discharged from the hospital, the family of three forgot their troubles and happily had a reunion dinner. The next day Qin Guodong drove to school to defend his reputation, but he didn't even see a leader, but he saw Du Muyan who came to Qin Guodong specially. Qin Guodong also hated this ruthless man, and did not even want to say a word to him, so he got into his own car and left. Du Muyan did not give up and asked the driver to keep up. No one expected that in order to get rid of Du Muyan's following behind him, Qin Guodong drove very fast, and the car eventually ran out of control and hit the isolation belt, and Qin Guodong died on the spot. When Qin Xuanxuan and Tang Wei saw Qin Guodong's cold body in the hospital, they cried bitterly. Du Muyan stood on one side, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Flush Retrofit Kit, looking at this scene, although he did not feel much guilt, he clearly realized that Qin Guodong's death was a huge gap between him and Xuanxuan, and it was even more difficult for him to get Xuanxuan. The police told Tang Wei and Qin Xuanxuan that although Qin Guodong was hiding from Du Muyan at that time, Du Muyan's car only followed him far away and did not make any coercive actions. Qin Guodong should take full responsibility for the accident. But even so, Tang Wei, who knew what had happened at that time, still cried and rushed to Du Muyan, but was blocked by his assistant. Tang Wei fainted under the attack of anger. Half holding the unconscious Tang Wei, Qin Xuanxuan coldly stared at Du Muyan, the original clear eyes full of burning fire of hatred. Du Muyan, you are a devil, I will not die as you wish! A day later, Tang Wei was diagnosed with breast cancer, because it is early, can be treated by surgery, but the cost of treatment is about 100000. Tang Wei has been unemployed at home since she gave birth to Qin Xuanxuan. When she was young, she was in good health and seldom got sick. In addition, the medical insurance system in Wu City had not yet been implemented at that time. Tang Wei had never bought it. Now she has cancer and can only be treated at her own expense. Qin Guodong died when the reputation has not been restored, the school basically did not issue any pension, even the funeral money is Qin Xuanxuan borrowed from relatives, and Tang Wei sick treatment money, she is no longer able to borrow. Originally, she wanted to sell the house at home, but the house was divided by the school in that year, which stipulated that it could not be resold within a certain number of years, so the way was broken. And what makes Qin Xuanxuan even more sad is that because of the death of Qin Guodong, Tang Wei was greatly stimulated, and then woke up seems to have some nerve, originally gentle she began to blame Qin Xuanxuan, blame her misconduct, will provoke the devil, will kill Qin Guodong. Afraid that his appearance would stimulate Tang Wei, Qin Xuanxuan did not even dare to take care of her personally, so he could only ask the nurse, and then quietly looked at his mother through the glass on the door. She knew that her mother was right, all this was caused by her, if not for her, everyone would be all right, all blame her! The hatred of Du Muyan made Qin Xuanxuan want to kill the enemy, but she hugged herself tightly and cried silently outside Tang Wei's ward. Her husband is dead, her parents-in-law are dead, her father is dead, and she has only her mother, her only family. She must cure her mother and not let her have another accident! Qin Xuanxuan tried to find help from the media, but Du Muyan stopped all her channels. After knowing Tang Wei's illness, he came to see Qin Xuanxuan in person. I know your mother has breast cancer, which can be treated with surgery,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and I know you are short of money. I can put your mother in the best ward and arrange the best doctor for her, and I have only one request, and you know it all the time. If you still don't want to.. It's very simple. The hospital will kick your mother out today. 。