Yan Xu first took out the Golden Moon Dao and handed it to Deng Yu, saying, "This Golden Moon Dao is for you to use. The whole body of this Dao is made of Level 1 Xuanjin, and the inside is engraved with twelve miniature Level 1 magic arrays.". You have been practicing in the Hall of Martial Arts these days, and you should master this instrument as soon as possible. Produced by the system, it must be a fine product. This Golden Moon Dao is exquisite in workmanship. Deng Yuben is very keen on refining. After taking the Dao, he would like to dismantle it and study the refining method carefully. Yan Xu shook his head repeatedly. After Deng Yu mastered the refining skillfully, he definitely did not need to exchange the points for him. The golden moon knife is given to Deng Yu, and the fire cloud bracelet is naturally given to the colorful butterfly. Elder Martial Brother, this bracelet is really beautiful! The butterfly took the fire cloud bracelet and stroked the fire cloud pattern on the bracelet. She was very happy. After all, this was the first time she had her own magic weapon. Yan Xu said with a faint smile, "The name of this medium-grade magic weapon is Fire Cloud Bracelet. It matches your spiritual roots and skills very well. With the help of this weapon, all kinds of fire spells will surely be more powerful!" When the two of them recovered from the excitement of the newly acquired instruments, Yan Xucai went on to say: "The instruments need to be refined and skilled, otherwise the power can not be brought into play. Hurry to get familiar with them these days.". Then, you two go to Nan'an City together to purchase some refining materials and symbol making materials. Originally, Yan Xu exchanged two instruments in addition to enhancing the strength of the two people, more is to arrange for the two people to go out more experience. Otherwise, all day long stuffy in the clan, light has a body to cultivate but no experience against the enemy, in the future encounter life and death fight, may not have the good luck to kill Qi Hai,Time Delay Faucet, that day two people lack of experience in the war is obvious. Yan Xu is intended to exercise two people, although there is a certain degree of danger down the mountain, but to let them grow, this price must be paid. Of course, to be on the safe side, Yan Xu exchanged two masks of transfiguration, which were also prepared for the two of them. The one he had used before had appeared in Nan'an City. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he simply replaced two new masks. Moreover,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, the color butterfly appearance is outstanding, in case meets washes the flower Zong white rain to be lascivious the character, perhaps makes the halfway cut off the matter, Yan Xu specially chooses a face ordinary transfiguration mask for the color butterfly. Yan Xu gave Deng Yu the list of materials he needed to buy, and let him decide the materials for refining. Then he explained the route to Nan'an City and the matters needing attention in detail, and took out the storage bag containing three hundred pieces of Lingshi and gave it to Caidie. After killing Qi Hai that day, he searched for several people's personal belongings. In addition to the blood knife used by Qi Hai, there were dozens of Lingshi, several bottles of common level 1 elixirs and several ordinary seals. Yan Xu put them all in his storage bag. Lingshi in the storage bag is used to buy the required materials. In addition, there are some monster materials, level 1 Lingcao and other sundries in it. If you can sell them in Nan'an City, it's best. If you can't sell them, you don't have to force them. You can arrange it by yourself. After a few words of exhortation, Yan Xu dismissed the school meeting and left the school hall. After leaving the hall, Yan Xu did not directly return to the room, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but came to Feather Peak, carefully inspected the selected terrain, ready to build Wudao Cliff. Today, there are five peaks in Tianhao Sect. The main peak, Tianhao Peak, has a school hall, an alchemy hall and an alchemy room. In the future, the core functional buildings will be concentrated on this peak. Qinglan Peak has beautiful mountains and rivers, which is most suitable for the construction of spirit animals and the growth of spirit grass. Now there are spirit animal gardens and spirit fields. In the future, the spirit medicine garden will naturally be selected in Qinglan Peak. The Library is located on Wuliang Peak, the Hall of Martial Arts is located on Haoran Peak, and Wudao Cliff and Disciple Trial are located on Yuhua Peak. The five peaks are clearly positioned, which is conducive to the later development of the school. Feathering Peak is the most precipitous among the peaks, and its height is the highest within a hundred miles. Climbing to the top of the peak, you can see the whole school. The grey cliff is surrounded by clouds and mists, which is quite a bit of artistic conception. Quite satisfied with the environment of Feather Peak, Yan Xu took out the Level 1 Tiangong Charm and threw it on the stone wall. The golden light flashed, and the steep stone wall, which was originally uneven, was as smooth as if it had been cut by a giant sword, and the huge three words "Wudao Cliff" appeared on it. Looking up at the three big characters on the cliff, Yan Xu felt an artistic conception enveloping his heart, and the original understanding of the "cultivation" sentiment actually emerged in his heart at this time. Yan Xu reacted, at this time the state of mind should be enlightened in the role of the cliff, hurriedly sat down cross-legged on the spot, running the pithy formula. Soon into the deep state of selflessness, Yan Xu seemed to turn into a whole feather peak, feeling all the changes around him, the whole perspective was pulled up to high altitude, overlooking the whole Tianhao Zong, it seems to be integrated with it as a whole, the original vague barrier of cultivation is disintegrating at the moment. Chapter 36 symbol making experts. At this time, Yan Xu is in a wonderful state, this feeling is not clear, but feel that they are integrated with heaven and earth, can clearly understand the truth of the road. Yan Xu maintained this calm state for three days and three nights without any interruption. It was not until the morning of the fourth day that the sun rose from the sea of clouds on the east side of Feather Peak and the brilliant sunshine covered the whole Wudao Cliff that Yan Xu slowly opened his eyes. With a long breath, Yan Xu held his fists excitedly. After several days of practice, he finally broke through the four layers of Qi refining. There was no sense of hindrance on the way to promotion. Everything seemed to be natural. The effect of Wudao Cliff is really against the sky! As long as the disciple has accumulated enough mana, there will be no bottleneck below the foundation period. Yan Xu can foresee that with the special architectural effect of the master exchange system, Tianhao Zong will become a super school sooner or later. Although Wudao Cliff can not accelerate the effect of disciples'daily practice, the higher the realm, the greater the influence of understanding and mind on the improvement of cultivation. The enlightenment cliff will greatly reduce the process of understanding, and the cultivation of disciples will naturally rise rapidly. Of course, Yan Xu understands that there is an upper limit to the effect of this increase, because enlightenment requires a quiet and undisturbed environment, so only one person can come here at the same time. In addition, it is speculated that disciples with different aptitude and understanding will spend different time to understand the same realm. It takes three days for Yan Xu to be promoted to the fourth level of Qi refining. If it is a butterfly, I am afraid it will not take a few hours to be promoted smoothly. Moreover,Flush valve price, in order to play the role of Wudao Cliff in improving understanding, we must reach the limit of our own magic power and get close to the edge of breakthrough, and the time of accumulating magic power in daily practice has not been reduced at all. cnkexin.com