So four people draw lots, cuckold draw the shortest, a bitter and bitter expression, get up to pack things, carry a bag, out of the base, to find Tang You, a mechanic who ran away from home. Chapter35 Beijing, Panjia yuan. In the most remote corner, there is an unremarkable thrift shop, the door is deserted, hanging a broken signboard-Qingyun Zhai. Do you have any work to do? Lin Jingfeng took off his backpack, took the exhibition line in, and threw it in the back hall. A girl who was writing at the desk in the hall laughed and said, "Oh, what brings the Third Master here?"? You look good. Lin Jingfeng took a breath and kicked away the exhibition he had come up to see and asked him to sit down: "The year is not good, and I owe a lot of debts.". I have to go to work quickly. Where is your brother? "My brother has gone to Dunhuang to find out the news," said the girl. "He won't be back until next month." Lin Jingfeng's eyebrows moved, but she didn't ask. The girl pulled the wheelchair back from the desk, turned to the bookshelf, and took down a letter. A few months ago, a group of people came to Liuzhou. "Look at that," the girl said softly? Let's stick to the old rules if it suits us. "What are the old rules?" Asked Zhan Xing. The girl turned her head sideways and said with a smile, "Are you the disciple of the Third Master?"? What's his name? Exhibition line self-introduction,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the girl nodded: "The old rule is, we give information, you two master and apprentice effort, back to the goods..." "All right." "Draw your picture," said Lin Jingfeng carelessly. The girl smiled and said, "Third Master looks like a different person. He looks in a good mood." Lin Jingfeng did not answer, his face showed a faint red, looked down at the paper, someone rang the bell at the door,38 needle valve, the girl said: "Excuse me for a moment." Then he maneuvered the wheelchair to the front hall. "Her brother and I had a fight before," said Lin Jingfeng. Don't come over, sit by the rules, no big or small! Zhan Xing rubbed Lin Jingfeng's head and pinched his face endlessly, making Lin Jingfeng very angry. Fang stopped to look at the paintings on the wall with a smile. Lin Jingfeng: "Don't touch anything." The exhibition answered, felt on the table, and saw a piece of cardboard with several badges on it. Her name is Chu Xingyun. "Her brother's name is Chuang Ming-ching," said Lin Ching-feng. This shop is opened by two brothers and sisters, don't underestimate her, she is a famous profiteer in the Panjia yuan. Xiaojian, didn't I tell you not to move?! The exhibition looked at several buttons and said, "Can I have this?" Above is the Q version of the big head badge of Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling and Fatty in the commemorative edition of the Tomb Piracy Notes. Zhanxing has wanted it for a long time. "Put it back," said Lin Jingfeng. "I'll ask her for it later." Xingyun pushed the wheelchair to the front hall and looked up behind the counter. Huo Hu took off his sunglasses, showed his amber cat pupils, and smiled politely at her. Xingyun was startled by the handsome strong man. "What's the matter, Brother?" He asked. "I heard you sell the real thing in this shop?" Huo Hu asked. "Big Brother is joking, 14 needle valve ,brass tube fitting," said Xingyun Yan Ran. "Most of the goods in the Panjia yuan are genuine." Huo Hu came down from Lhasa and went all the way to Beijing. He had no money. He was carrying a backpack. His big hand took out a few things from the bag and scattered them. The counter tinkled: "Here, can I change some money?" The cloud was taken aback and said, "Wait a minute." She began to count the antiques that Huo Hu had taken out: "Wow, this bell is from the Qianhong period in Tibet …" This Yes, this is. This piece of paper is not as old as it is. Where did it come from? Huo Hu hurriedly took back Tsangyang Gyatso's poem. "What is this?" Asked Xingyun? A straw from a milk carton? Cut the corner of the Tetra Pak milk box. What a mess, big brother bear, these are not valuable. Huo Hu insists: "That is to collect draw a lottery, do not have money now, gave you, calculate together, give me a few go casually." "What are they?" Asked Xingyun curiously. Said to look up at Huo Hu one eye, can not help but face slightly red. Huo Hu: "a few pieces of money, a big one." Xingyun: "… …" "Is this big enough?" Asked the cloud with a smile? Or shall I draw you a picture? Huo Hu: Can I use the money for the painting? Hey, sister, don't lie. ” With a smile, Xingyun pulled open the drawer and pulled out a large piece of paper, which was colorful and eighteen carat. "Elder brother, do you think this will work?" When Huo Hu saw that the money was printed with "10 billion" in traditional Chinese characters, he was immediately overjoyed and said, "Yes!" Xingyun did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was teasing him. For a moment, he did not know whether the strong man was really two or deliberately molested people. He immediately thought about it, took out three hundred coins, grabbed a handful of coins, folded them on the "ten billion" and looked at Huo Hu jokingly. Like this "Thank you," said Huo Hu. "You're so fastidious. I'll see you next time." Then he took the money, put the coins away, folded "10 billion" into squares, and put them in his pocket. Xingyun put away the bell and went back to the back hall with a smile. Huo Hu out of the Panjia yuan, and money, to find food. Huo Hu took out a hundred yuan, took a taxi, and ordered, "Is the fish wife in front of the Ming Tombs still there?" The driver is confused: "What age thing, brother, where do you want to go?" Huo Hu thought about it and said, "just go home to eat." The driver nodded and pulled him to the door of the imperial kitchen. Huo Hu went in and sat down and ordered the menu. The waiter saw that the strong man was well-dressed and hurried up to order. This fish, this, this, this this, and this fish. Waitress: "Live fish, fried fish fillet with sunflower, boiled fish, steamed grouper, raw fish soup with plantain.." Huo Hu nodded with his finger and said politely, "One more fish, thank you." Waitress: "…" Huo Hu:? "Do you eat all fish, sir?" Asked the waitress Ying Ying with a smile. "Yes," said Huo Hu, "don't put in the gutter oil." Waitress: "…" When the food came, Huo Hu ate very happily. When he was full, he wiped his mouth and panted on the chair: "Calculate the money and open the invoice." Waitress: "Would you like to sign the bill, pay by credit card or pay by cash, sir?" Huo Hu:?? Waitress patiently explained once, Huo Hu asked: "can write the name without money?" The waitress was completely speechless,12 needle valve, turned to check out, and came back later: "Sir, the total consumption is 4160 yuan." 。