“……” Ji Xingling patted him on the head and said, "What are you waiting for? Take it quickly." Only then did Lin Jing become nervous and almost did not slide down the connect button. The other side claimed to be the admission group of Peking University. Lin Jing also put an earphone in Ji Xingling's ear. The scores of the college entrance examination have not been officially announced, and it is impossible for the teachers of the admission group to disclose them in advance, but according to the other party's carefully prepared statements and various promises, it is estimated that the top three in the province will not be able to run. A few minutes later, the admission teams of several other colleges and universities also called one after another. The eldest young master participated in the whole process of auditing service, rubbing the soft teacher Xiao Lin in his arms, feeling happy and swinging his tail wildly. Later, Tang Yaoxun revealed to Ji Minglang that Shanhai High School had three top ten liberal arts students in the college entrance examination, including a top liberal arts student. Hearing this, Hu Meimei was more excited than Shang Wei. One of the two mothers cried with joy, so that Ji Xingling had to remind her: "My college entrance examination results haven't come out yet. Do you have to leave a little excitement for me?" "Your excitement belongs to the excitement of the previous line, and it is not the same kind as the excitement of the champion, so you don't have to stay." Hu Meimei pulled Lin Jing to sit on the sofa. "In this way, I'll let your uncle Ji book a table in the evening, and we'll have a good celebration." Lin Shou-mo was a little confused for a minute. My son was admitted to the Number One Scholar. Should this meal belong to me. But the other side has been very enthusiastic in the arrangement,stainless steel needle valve, he had no choice but to add a happy: "That line, and so on tomorrow Xiaoxing's results come out, we eat the second meal, I treat!" " Chapter 98 AD4 Hu Meimei decided to eat in a private Cantonese restaurant. The owner is a pair of birds who like to show their love when they are free. Even knowing that it was a school entrance banquet, the box was arranged to be comparable to the honeymoon suite, and four glasses of low-alcohol pink champagne were sent,tube fitting manufacturer, all kinds of romance. Ji Xingling and Lin Jing touched a cup and asked in a low voice, "Will you go out at night?" Teacher Xiao Lin answered quickly and did not go out. So what? Do you feel that your refusal speed is too sharp and ruthless? "Wait until your grades come out tomorrow." "Yes." Hu Meimei in the side of education, "Xiaojing all know to worry about your grades, on your own fooling around, do not take the exam to heart." Ji Xingling:? Why don't I take it to heart? I take it to heart! And tonight, you can't wait, and you start celebrating before my grades come out. I am the poor minor who has been neglected by my family and needs more care. Lin Jing gave him a chopstick asparagus: "Eat.". Ji Xingling said casually, "No, it's too green." "Why do you have more and more problems?" Hu Meimei wondered? Xiao Jing, don't worry about him and eat your own. Ji Xingling: ".." Alas, the world is so cold. But fortunately, there are warm Uncle Lin and Aunt Shang, 38 tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, every time a new dish comes up, they will invite Kirin cubs to eat more. And all kinds of fancy praise ah, praise even came in to serve the waiter are confused, almost thought that Ji Xingling is the top student in the college entrance examination. Teacher Xiao Lin said that he was determined not to date before the results of the college entrance examination came out, so the eldest young master had to go home for dinner honestly. The scoring system opened at one o'clock on the afternoon of the 23rd. Lin Jing got up at seven o'clock in the morning and wandered around the room. She ping-ping-pong in the kitchen to cook by herself. Aunt Jiang had already retired after success and went back to her hometown to rest. Shang Wei and Lin Shoumo were so noisy that they couldn't sleep, so they had to get up and mess around with him. Confused, Dr. Lin asked his wife, "Isn't he sure to win the first prize in the province? Peking University has already called. Why are you still so nervous?" Shang Wei knows the market very well: "Maybe she is worried about Xiao Xing's score." Ji Xingling played games all night and went to bed at five o'clock in the morning. Hu Meimei gently picked up the quilt that had fallen to the ground for him, and looked at the ancestor's twisted and heartless sleeping appearance, and compared it with the little boy next door, it was almost sad. Very not easy to wait until half past twelve, a slap in the face to wake up the son: "Get up to check the score!" " Ji Xingling didn't wake up at all. He touched the bedside alarm clock and took a look: "Mom, there is still half an hour to go. Why did you wake me up so early?" "It's still early for lunch.". "Hu Meimei stood beside the bed, counting her son's mistakes." Xiao Jing sent biscuits at eight o'clock and cinnamon rolls at eleven o'clock. You play games all day long. " "Staying up late to play games is resourceful." Ji Xingling spread out his limbs and his voice was hoarse and lazy. "I knew this morning must be very difficult. How good it is now. If you hadn't disrupted the organizational plan, I could have seen the score directly as soon as I opened my eyes." "That's about the same now." Hu Meimei urged him, "Hurry up, get up and eat." Ji Xingling has no appetite, he moved from the bed to the sofa, holding the laptop to call Lin Jing: "Check the score system good card, how is your side?" "It's all stuck now. We have to try a few more times." Lin Jing is also refreshing over and over again, "did you eat the cinnamon roll I baked?" "Did you really bake it?"? I thought the cinnamon roll was just an excuse for you to spy on me and see if I got up. “……” "I'll eat right away!" God opened the door of learning for Kobayashi, and closed the window of cooking with a bang, and added a password lock. Anyway, Ji Xingling ate this hell cinnamon roll and felt that the burden on his shoulders was suddenly heavy, because in the future he would not only contract the hydroponic base, but also. At least you can afford to hire a housekeeper, otherwise it's not conducive to family harmony. Does it taste good "It's delicious!" "Ji Xingling, you are so hypocritical." “……” Why is this plant so unreasonable?! Two people are noisy, time is not slow, that is, the system is really stuck, Ji Xingling can not get in anyway. Lin Jing also managed to use his mobile phone to brush in, skillfully input the registration number, admission card number, ID card number, and nervously write on the paper with a pen. Lin Shoumo and Shang Wei hurried over to see. Chinese 111, Mathematics 119,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, English 135, Comprehensive 238. Lin Shou-mo was simply stunned: "Is this year's college entrance examination topic so difficult, adding up to just 600 can be the champion?" Shang Wei hesitated: "This seems to be Xiao Xing's score." 。 chinaroke.com