Looking at the earthquake in the eyes of Chao Tianxiang, Zhao Wuji could not help but feel a burst of darkness in his heart. With a tiger-like smile on his face, "senior.". Do you still see my students? Chao Tianxiang took a deep breath. Reluctantly calming down the agitation in his heart, he smiled and said, "Of course.". You are indeed a disciple of the Immovable Ming King. You are really a young hero! I don't know which one of these children has reached level 30. ?” Zhao Wuji patted the Oscar beside him, "this is the boy, he just reached level 30.". I have no choice but to bring them here because of my hard work. Chao Tianxiang looked at Oscar, his face looking more and more ugly. She knows very well how clear a good soul ring is to a soul master who is about to advance. Now the thousand-year-old wind-tailed cockscomb snake is in the hands of others, and it is not so easy for Zhao Wuji to spit it out. This guy's reputation has been known for a long time. Had it not been for the name of the incomparable dragon and snake, he would have been overwhelmed. Maybe this kid will kill his grandparents and grandchildren directly. However, let Chao Tianxiang so give up her is obviously not willing. Roll your eyes. I've got a plan. A hand lightly wiped the silver hair on his head. There was a smile on Chao Tianxiang's face. "Brother Zhao, this is the case now.". We are all a little reluctant to part with this thousand-year-old cockscomb snake. I think it's better to do this. Let's do it according to the rules of the soul division, and let the two children decide the ownership of the soul ring by themselves. What do you think? "Xiao _ said txt Tian _ Tang." Chapter 29 Dragon and Snake of the World (middle). "Oh?"? Rules of the Soul Division ? Also ask the senior to speak clearly. 。” Zhao Wuji is not an affectation. He has never regarded himself as a soul master, and he only depends on his own preferences, otherwise he will not fall into infamy. "It's very simple,pipe fittings manufacturer," said Chao Tianxiang, "since they all need this soul ring. And in the process of capturing this wind-tailed cockscomb snake, both sides have also made efforts. At this time, since everyone is reluctant to give up, then. Use your strength to decide the ownership of this cockscomb snake. Isn't that the most appropriate? If your disciple defeats my granddaughter, The old man said nothing. We leave immediately,hydraulic fitting supplier, and vice versa. It's time to ask Zhao Laodi to sell this thousand-year-old cockscomb snake. Zhao Wuji spread out his hands and put on a helpless look, "I'm sorry.". Sister Chao, I'm afraid it can't be as you wish. As soon as Chao Tianxiang's face changed, she said angrily, "Zhao Wuji, I've already given in. What else do you want?"? Bullying my old man is not here? ? Hum !” "No, of course not," said Zhao Wuji with an apologetic smile. "Well, my disciple is not a war soul master. He's just an auxiliary soul master. He is also a food soul master. How to compete with your granddaughter? After listening to Zhao Wuji's words, Chao Tianxiang was surprised again. What did you say? He is a food soul master. The word "food" made her immediately look at Oscar differently. Just as Flanders, stainless steel tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, the head of Shrek Academy, said. As a food department soul master, Oscar, who is born with full soul power, is absolutely the genius of geniuses. I'm afraid that in the history of the whole continent, there is no faster food department martial soul than him. Chao Tianxiang looked at Oscar with a pleasant face. "Young man, are you really a food soul master?"? I don't know which clan you come from. ?” Oscar shook his head. "I don't belong to any clan," he said. "The dean said that my martial spirit was mutated to become like this." Genius food department soul division, no background, mutation Wuhun, these points together make Chao Tianxiang's heart tense. If such an excellent food department soul master can be excavated to his own clan, wouldn't it be perfect to have him to assist his granddaughter in the future? But before Chao Tianxiang could say anything to win him over. Another voice suddenly cut into it. Mr. Zhao, why don't you let me do it for Xiao Ao. I'm level 29. I don't think I'm taking advantage of it. It was Don who spoke. Tang San has been observing the snake woman's grandparents and grandchildren for a long time, wasting time here. Obviously not a good choice. And he also heard from the conversation between the snake woman and Zhao Wuji that there was a more powerful character on the other side who did not appear. If that dragon also comes here, I'm afraid the right to speak is not on his own side. Besides, he and Oscar are roommates. The way to get the soul ring is put forward by the other side. Tang San is confident of his own strength, although the snake woman's granddaughter's soul power is even higher than his. But Tang San did not think that the other side could defeat him. As he spoke. Tang San has come to Oscar's side. Level 29. The heart of the snake woman suddenly contracted and secretly said in her heart. What kind of people are these children found by Zhao Wuji? How can one be better than the other? This one looks younger. 。 If it's somewhere else. I'm afraid he's just graduated from the Junior Soul Division Academy, but he's standing here at this time. Said that already had the strength of 29 levels, this is really. Zhao Wuji saw Tang San stand out. Eyes can not help but reveal the light of approval, said to the snake woman: "Senior.". What do you think? My disciple is the War Soul Master. 。 To be able to meet the requirements of World War I, he played for Oscar. If he loses, this thousand-year-old cockscomb snake will be yours, and vice versa. Please forgive me, senior. Snake woman slowly nodded, if the granddaughter even lower than her level of soul division can not defeat, then. What else can she say? Oscar gave Tang San a thumbs-up and whispered, "Good brother." Tang Sanguan smiled. We are roommates and friends. Isn't it? Don't worry This soul ring must be yours. As he spoke, Tang San strode out, and the girl on the opposite side had already come out, and the others on both sides slowly retreated, leaving them enough space to fight. My name is Tang San, Wu Hun Lan Yincao. Level 29 Second Ring War Soul Master. The girl said coldly, "Meng still, the snake stick of Wuhun.". Level 30 Second Ring War Soul Master. Closer, Tang San found that the girl named Meng was still very beautiful. After all,14 tube fitting, she is sixteen years old. Physical development has been very perfect, compared with her, the three girls in the college look a little green. chinaroke.com