He chuckled and said, "You went to see your mother this afternoon?" Su Muyan nodded and said, "The maidservant misses her mother. When she went to the imperial kitchen to send a message, she met her mother by the way." "How did Mrs. Su instigate you to escape from Yundu?" Said Lu Zheng. Su Muyan whispered, "I just asked about the maidservant's body, but I didn't talk about anything else." In fact, Mrs. Su did tell her, as long as there is a chance to leave the cloud, go south to find Qin Yu and Muyun, and then quietly told her, Linger is a smart girl, let her encounter difficulties to find Linger, she will find ways to help her. Lu Zheng smiled and looked at her seriously, looking down from her beautiful face to her flat abdomen and slender waist. He said, "Yan Yan, if one day you leave me easily, Mr. and Mrs. Su will die." Su Muyan was stunned, shocked, and couldn't help coughing a few times. Lu Zheng leaned over, stroked her back, held her in his arms, and murmured, "Are you scared?" Su Muyan coughed up tears. Lu Zheng's thumb gently wiped the corners of her eyes and hooked her lips with a smile: "Just be good." Su Muyan stopped coughing, his eyes were dull, his lips were pulled, and he gave an inaudible sneer. Lu Zheng looked down at the little woman in his arms, stroking her smooth cheeks with five rough fingers. Su Muyan opened his eyes wide, facing the handsome face close at hand, facing each other, and the pupils were clear about each other. The red candle flickered, the warmth of the room came, and the shadows overlapped with each other, blending into the warmth with the most intimate posture. In the palace, the queen mother would come to visit the queen every day. Everyone in the palace knew that the queen mother regarded the queen as her own. At the beginning, the maidservant in the palace complained that her master had fallen into the water. She complained that Su Muyan had cast a demon and ordered the emperor to exempt her from punishment. Now see the queen mother to the queen's attitude, the heart is more or less balanced. Zheng Shuyan had already told Song Yuwan the whole story of that day when she fell into the water. She thought Song Yuwan would blame her more or less. Unexpectedly, Song Yuwan was only a little silent and said, "Mother doesn't blame you. Mother knows that you are devoted to Ah Zheng. Ah Zheng is confused.". The child of the Su family was doomed not to be the concubine of the Lu family. The two families of Su and Qin sought to usurp the throne. Even if the child was innocent, because she was the daughter of Su Quan and the Crown Princess of Qin Yu, she could not enter the palace. Besides, her mind was not on Ah Zheng. Ah Zheng was in love and would eventually suffer. Zheng Shuyan said with a wry smile, "If my mother is worried, I would like to help my elder brother to choose more concubines to take care of the emperor and take care of the harem with my concubines. In this way, the palace will be lively." Song Yuwan looked at Zheng Shuyan lovingly and said, "It's hard for you, Shuyan. My mother knows how she feels when a woman wants to help her husband take a concubine.". If you feel sad, you don't have to embarrass yourself. As long as you and Ah Zheng are well and have children, no one will blame you for not choosing a concubine. "Mother, thank you." "Good boy, mother wants to thank you, thank you for bringing my Ah Zheng back safely." In Zhenghe Palace, when Su Muyan got up, impact beam tubes ,side impact beams, there was no one beside her, and her clean new clothes were stacked beside her, which must have been put here by the palace maid. She sat up, endured tiredness, dressed, washed, and went out of the inner room. Jin Ru had already ordered people to prepare breakfast, Su Muyan finished the meal, or feel sleepy, but see the maidservants are busy, it is not good to rest alone, they endure to follow behind them to integrate into them, to help do the work. The people of Zhenghe Palace did not dare to order her to work, so they all hid from her and worked separately. Su Muyan felt embarrassed and stood awkwardly in the room. Jin Ru shook her head and sighed. "Miss Su, if you want to do something, embroider this purse." Su Muyan hurriedly took it and thanked him gratefully. Jin Ru nodded and turned away. Su Muyan sat in front of the couch, threading the needle, carefully embroidering the purse, but the heart is always not solid, and soon he pricked his fingers twice, watching the red blood beads overflow, her heart is empty and uncomfortable. The author has something to say: Have a bad feeling ~ ~ ~ Article Received in Advance: The Sister-in-law Who Became a Male God Copy: Ancient: An adventure trapped in the mountains, Rong Yan actually crossed. When she woke up, she became an otherworldly princess and met the king with the same face as her first love in the palace, so she went to sleep as a matter of course. After sleeping, she realized that she had slept with the wrong person. Her husband was clearly the king's brother, King Yucheng. She's a princess, not a queen. Princess, queen, silly can't tell the difference. Modern: Rong Yan's mother remarried, the object of remarriage is her mother's nanny for many years of the main family, the main family has a son of God's favored son, young age has become a political upstart. Rong Yan's young girl's heart, which was ready to move, was completely dead after another crossing. However, the originally excellent and cold brother appeared more and more frequently in front of her. Chapter 41 Mrs. Su. Su Muyan embroidered only the end of the purse, Zhenghe Palace steward Mammy hurried in, saw Su Muyan, eyes dodged, then hurriedly pulled Jin Ru to whisper outside. Through the window, I saw Jin Ru frowning and whispering in Mammy's ear. Mammy nodded and left in a hurry. Su Muyan embroidered the purse, just as Jin Ru came in, she delivered the purse to Jin Ru, saying that she would go to the imperial kitchen. When Jin Ru heard this, she frowned slightly and said, "Miss Su, you'd better go after lunch." Su Muyan shook his head and said, "I'll be right back. If he comes back to blame me, he'll put the blame on me." When Jin Ru wanted to say something else, Su Muyan raised his hand and said, "If I don't go, I can't eat." Then he left, leaving Jin Ru to stretch out his hand to stop him, but he didn't stop him, and then he took it back, leaving only a long sigh. Zuo Zhong stood by the lake and watched several guards fishing a woman out of the lake. The woman was stiff and had no breath. Zuo Zhong's expression was cold and solemn,side impact beams, and the corners of his mouth were slightly pursed. Just now he was waiting outside Lu Zheng's palace. A maid of honor came to report in a panic and wanted to see the emperor. Zuo Zhong stopped him in time. At the moment, Lu Zheng was discussing important matters with several ministers and could not be disturbed. The maid was pale and anxious to cry. When Zuo Zhong asked what was the matter, the maid trembled and told the commander Zuo the whole story. cbiesautomotive.com