She responded to the kiss, desperate. She misses him, too! I want so much! It would be nice if everything was simple. If only they hadn't met. She will not understand that love is like this, let people sink. Suffer all the pain, but also desperate to cut through the thorns. Her hand encircled Nangong Ao's waist. Si Xiaoduo's response is undoubtedly a great encouragement to Nangong Ao. He was also desperate and kissed Sixiaoduo even more crazily. Sucking the sweetness from her mouth. And his tongue opened the teeth of Siduobei and made love with her. Their kiss was so hot that it was like a tsunami breaking out at this moment, or a big ship hitting an iceberg. Such a huge impact, so that two people have forgotten so. Nangong proudly threw Sixiaoduo on the soft soil, kissing Sixiaoduo recklessly while stroking her body. And Si Xiaoduo is also not coy, a pair of hands, tearing Nangong Ao's clothes. They want each other so badly. Nangong Ao pulled open the belt on the side of Sixiaoduo's waist with one hand, and Sixiaoduo held his clothes tightly. The two of them embraced each other and kissed so fiercely that they rolled out a flat ground on the soft soil. It squashes the luxuriant flowers and plants on the soil. At the moment of two people, where also care so much. They just want to express their thoughts and feelings to each other. In such an intense way, let the other side know their feelings. Under the cliff, lingering again! (8) Under the cliff, lingering again! (VIII) In such an intense way, let the other side know their feelings. Even behind this, it is really full of betrayal, deception,aluminium coated tubes, national hatred and family hatred. But at this moment, none of them want to think about it. I just want to have each other well at this moment. I just want to love each other well at this moment. That kind of repressed emotion, that kind of sad mood, that kind of mood that I don't know what will happen after this moment, runs through each other. Pour my whole life, just to see you. When the world of mortals disperses and the prosperity falls, can they still embrace each other as they do at this moment. The fragrant grass is connected with the sky,aluminium coated steel tube, and the pulse is continuous. Who can I talk to in this life. When Sixiaoduo kissed Nangong Ao passionately, her heart was so sad. If they hadn't met, wouldn't there have been such grief? But if there is an afterlife, I would still like to meet you. When the kiss was over, they breathed rapidly. Nangong Ao tightly hugged Si Xiaoduo, not knowing when, when they rolled all the way, the clothes on each other's bodies had disappeared. Red. The naked two people looked at each other, their eyes were full of flames, and the soaring feelings. Desire. Nangong Ao stretched out his hand and gently stroked Sixiaoduo's face, but Sixiaoduo did not hide this time. She didn't even know why she was so willing. Also do not understand, obviously she is looking for the black mandala flower, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, but things have changed like this. Nangong Ao's eyes, so focused, so gentle looking at Sixiaoduo. And his hand, slowly raised, so loving to brush her face, see Sixiaoduo did not dodge. Fundus can not help but flash a touch of joy. Did his Sixiaoduo finally stop hiding from him? Under the cliff, lingering again! (9) Under the cliff, lingering again! (IX) Did his Sixiaoduo finally stop hiding from him? He lowered his head and gently kissed her lips again. This time, although the kiss is still hot, but not as overbearing as before, but shallow, soft. That kind of gentle is like the feeling of the wind blowing the lips of Sixiaoduo, which makes Sixiaoduo groan out. Then, her hand, involuntarily embraced the waist of Nangong Ao. This one, I do not know who caused the flame, once burning up, it can no longer be extinguished. Two people are red.. Naked, I felt that the warm and humid temperature under the cliff had been ignited. Yes, the temperature has risen sharply. Nangong Ao kissed Sixiaoduo so gently. That kind of gentle kiss to the extreme, so that the tip of Sixiaoduo's heart is trembling. She stretched out her hands, eager to grasp something, only to feel that at the moment, her heart was so empty that she wanted to find something to fill it. Nangong Ao, however, grasped Sixiaoduo's hand and clasped it tightly with his fingers. He pressed Sixiaoduo's hand with one hand, while the other hand stroked her softness. Nangong Ao's kiss went all the way down, pecking his face, and then covering Sixiaoduo's lips. Feeling the crisp and itchy touch coming from his hand, Sixiaoduo could not help groaning. Everything has become so irremediable, so hot. When Nangong Ao finally couldn't help moving his lower body, both of them sighed in a low voice. Under the cliff, the rapid breathing, with the pain of repression. The messy clothes scattered on the ground. On the soft soil, one mark after another was pressed out. Covered with two people covered with fine sweat light. Naked back. Xiaoduo.. Xiaoduo.. Nangong Ao's crazy law. Moving, while murmuring the name of Sixiaoduo in his mouth. Under the cliff, lingering again! (10) Under the cliff, lingering again! (10) Nangong Ao's crazy law. Moving, while murmuring the name of Sixiaoduo in his mouth. Under such circumstances, Sixiaoduo could only follow his movements in a low voice and breathe out gently. Xiaoduo.. Promise me, will you? There was such anticipation in his voice. It has never been so low. Although Sixiaoduo is lingering with him at the moment,Precision steel tubes, there is still a deep uneasiness in his heart. He did not know whether Sixiaoduo at the moment was really full of himself in his heart. In any case, he hoped that Sixiaoduo would not think about anything at the moment. Whether in the heart or in the mind, it can be filled by itself. At least for this moment. Uh 。