I was a little sleepy and wanted to take something and leave quietly. Then he began to sing again. An old woman next to me handed me the song book in her hand, so I had to take it. At this time, they sang a song called "Have you ever washed away your sins?" I don't know why, but I wanted to cry when I heard it. I felt that I was not only a person who counted sheep, but also a sheep. I stayed at the church for half a month as a volunteer, nailing chairs, and they took care of my meals. Because I don't have anywhere to go. I think there is danger everywhere. I heard that Huangcheng County was at the foot of the mountain, so I didn't dare to go there. I stayed in the church for half a month, nailed a hundred chairs, and the chairs in the church had to be replaced. I told Pastor Wang that I was a lampblack repairman, and he immediately believed me. He is painting the chair. I said, I understand some of the stories you told, but I don't understand some of them. He said, what do not understand, you say to see. I said, the men didn't rape her, so why can't they stone her? Pastor Wang said, they are also guilty. I said, but they're not guilty of rape. Pastor Wang put down the paint bucket and said that there are two kinds of sins. One is the act, that is, the crime committed. The other is the sin committed in the heart. Although you have not done it,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, you want to do it, and you have done it in your heart. This is called sin nature. You don't have to commit a crime, but everyone is guilty. Chapter 8 Escape (2) I suddenly asked, do you have it? Pastor Wang looked at me and smiled. Yes. I am also a sinner. I said, why can you lecture on it when you are guilty? He said, because I have confessed to God. I asked, are you not guilty? He said,side impact door beams, yes, but it looks gone. Pastor Wang brushed a stain on the chair with the brush in his hand, and the white paint covered it. I didn't say anything. Keep nailing the chair. The chair I nailed was painted with white paint by Pastor Wang, and it looked very nice. At night, I was thinking alone. I thought a lot, I thought, I'm not guilty of murder. I still have a vague understanding of what Pastor Wang said about the nature of sin. The next morning, Pastor Wang continued to paint. I began to be absent-minded. I asked Pastor Wang, can you see the sinful nature? I thought to myself that if I couldn't see it, I wouldn't believe I was guilty. Pastor Wang said that only when there is light can we see. That's too profound. But I'm interested in this topic because I just killed a man. I call him revenge. In my understanding, revenge is just and no problem. I'm not afraid to catch, but I have to convince myself that everything I do is okay. I have my justice, my standards. I asked Pastor Wang, who has the right to throw a stone at that woman? If no one dares to smash it, isn't it possible for anyone to do bad things? Pastor Wang said, cold drawn tubes ,beam impact tubes, God. I said, where is God? He is not a man, so how can he manage it? What does he care? Pastor Wang said that those who are entrusted by God can use authority. But he cannot do as he pleases, because he is not a direct authority. Everyone only represents authority. What does it mean? That is to say, no one on earth is sinless, no one is holy like God, so no one has the right to govern others, only when he represents God, can he govern others, so he represents authority, not authority, understand? I said, I understand. Pastor Wang said that the representative power is afraid, because as long as he does not do right, his power will be withdrawn at any time, so he will be very cautious and afraid. I don't think he's right. The people in charge of us are not afraid at all. I only stayed in the church for half a month, and then I left again. But I decided to stay in this area. I was afraid of being known, so I hid in a place called Qilibao on the outskirts of Huangcheng. I rented a house and sold chairs. I bought an ID card with money and changed my name to Li Baiyi. I worked like this for a year, and there was no danger. When I got to town, I didn't see a wanted notice or a notice, so I was relieved. I seem to have forgotten about the murder. I really forgot. I am not a murderer, so I will soon forget it. I just want to live a good life. In the second year, I began to work seriously. I have a sum of money in the bank, and I'm going to use it to do what I wanted to do since I was a child. I took the money out of the bank, bought the machine brick factory of a boss surnamed Zhang in Qilibao, and called more than a dozen workers. My brain is smarter than his, and his factory will not be able to go on. After I took over, I changed to produce a kind of antique green brick which is hard to see now, that is, the kind of brick commonly used in ancient buildings. Because I found this kind of mud used to make green bricks by the river dozens of miles away. Construction contractors from Chengdu and Guiyang come directly to us to purchase goods, and I have too many orders to finish. In the third year, I set up a larger factory, which specializes in firing ceramic tiles, producing a kind of wear-resistant and skid-proof floor tiles, which are very popular with decorators. Another year later, I introduced a kind of one-time molding exterior wall material from Australia. This kind of thing has many patterns to choose from. It can build a mold on the exterior wall of a building, and then paint it into shape. After drying, it is stronger than ceramic tile, but more beautiful than ceramic tile. It can also be used as the ground decoration of the parking lot, which can effectively shorten the construction time and improve efficiency. I'll tell you what I think about money. Ever since I saw my sister's heart, I've known that money can't bring happiness to my life. Happiness can never be grasped by such a thing as money. I have a lot of money now, but my sister can't come back to life, and my father can't come back to life. I can't come back to life. From the moment I knelt in the dirt, I was dead. All I live for now is my name. Therefore, I work hard to earn money, just to prove that I am a useful person to society and human beings,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, I deserve to live in this world. As for my personal happiness, no one can give me, including myself. cbiesautomotive.com