Laopan said sincerely, "If, during this period, you meet a man who loves you again, and you think he is better than me, I will never complain about anything.". I've broken a woman's heart, and I deserve to be hurt by a woman. Annual Ring Chapter 5 11 (5) Hao Mei couldn't help laughing. She took out the cigarette from the cloth bag and handed it to him. He took the cigarette, as if he still wanted to do something to her because the impulse just now had not been satisfied. She pointed to Yun Yun, pointed to the window, and pointed to her heart. He was reluctant to part and left as if he had lost something. Hao Mei got up and drew the curtain. Hao Mei stripped for Yun and turned out a small toy, napkin, and some fragments from Yun's pocket. It was Wang Xiaosong's photo that was torn by Yun. She found that there were old and new teeth marks on Yun Yun's arm. She was puzzled. She was going to wake up her daughter and ask her what was going on, but she couldn't bear it. She hugged her daughter and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, Hao Mei woke up from her sleep and found her daughter curled up, her face covered with sweat, biting her arm, trying to endure some kind of pain. She picked up her daughter in surprise. Yun Yun said with difficulty, "Mom.." My leg hurts. Then he bit his arm again. Hao Mei put her daughter's arm around her and let her bite her arm. After a while, she hurried to Laopan's house and patted the door of Laopan's house anxiously. Annual Ring Chapter 5 12 (1) The next day, outside the observation room of a hospital, Hao Mei and Laopan sat on a bench, looking very uneasy. Hao Mei hurriedly wrote something on the small book, pulled it down and gave it to Laopan. After Laopan read it, he went to make a phone call. After a while, Han Debao and Wu Zhenqing were called. They happened to meet outside the hospital building. They asked each other what they were hurrying into the building. Sitting on the bench, Hao Mei saw them, but did not move, just staring at them to their own. Laopan understood who they were from Hao Mei's face, stood up to meet them, and said something to them. Wu Zhenqing listened and looked at Hao Mei uneasily. They hurried to Hao Mei and sat down next to her, one left and one right. Laopan stopped far away from them. He took out his cigarette, found the no smoking sign, and took it off his mouth-he looked at a poster absentmindedly. Clearly, he intended to give Wu Zhenqing and Han Debao a chance to talk to Hao Mei alone. Wu Zhenqing touched Hao Mei lightly with his elbow and said in a low voice, "Don't worry, there are me and Debao." Han Debao also said, "Yes, we are here." Hao Mei nodded her head. Although neither of them looked at the other, it was clear that Hao Mei seemed to feel less isolated and helpless because she had two comrades-in-arms who could be trusted and relied on. The door of the observation room opened and Yun Yun was pushed out by a nurse. The three men immediately stood up and surrounded the sick car. The doctor who followed stopped them: "I just had a sleeping and pain-killing injection." Look at Hao Mei, then look at Wu Zhenqing and Han Debao. "Mother of the child, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic bulk containers, please sit here first.". Which one of you is the father? Please come with me. Wu Zhenqing and Han Debao looked at each other for a while. Wu Zhenqing said, "You stay with Hao Mei. I'll go." He strode away, and so did Laopan, and they all followed the doctor into the diagnostic room. The doctor said, "You can't both be the father, can you?" Laopan said, "We.." Neither. "" "Then what are you all doing with me?" " Wu Zhenqing said, "Doctor, please listen to me.." The child has no father. We are all relatives of our children. The doctor sits down: "Relatives?" "I can only talk to the child's immediate family about the diagnosis of the child, or call her mother to come.." Laopan looked at Wu Zhenqing uneasily. Wu Zhenqing said, "Doctor, I am the person who can best represent her.". I have the right to know The doctor is forced to say: "That, good..." He wrote a medical certificate and handed it to him. It read: Osteosarcoma. Wu Zhenqing asked, "This.." Is it a very serious disease? The doctor said, "Another word for bone cancer." Wu Zhenqing says: "Doctor, beg you, must think method to save the leg of the child!" The doctor said slowly, "This is a request that I could have considered only a few years ago.". Now, I can only tell you two points truthfully-either, in the few days of the child, try to meet all her wishes, as far as possible to reduce the pain of life; or, to Beijing Cancer. To get a more authoritative consultation from the experts, and finally hope that our diagnosis is wrong.. Wu Zhenqing and Laopan's expressions suddenly changed and they were stupefied. The doctor then said, "The latter hope is only one or two percent." Laopan grabbed one of the doctor's hands and almost cried, "Doctor, save the child's life. You can't let him die!" " The doctor drew out his hand and said coldly, "You all seem to love this child, but what did you do earlier?" Wu Zhenqing said: "a few years ago, the child and her mother, still in the Great Northern Wilderness, not without seeing, some diagnosed as arthritis, some diagnosed as bone spurs." Laopan added, "After returning to the city, her mother took her to see it many times." Doctor, the child himself is too able to endure secretly! When she woke up at night with pain, she often bit her arm without crying out, for fear that her mother would feel sorry for her. Wu Zhenqing added: "Her mother is still unemployed until now..." The doctor says: "Be such..." He began to write something, and as he wrote, he said, "He is indeed a good boy!"! When she entered the observation room, she also advised her mother not to be afraid of her. She had never seen such a special child. She seemed to understand her illness. Annual Ring Chapter 5 12 (2) Laopan turned around and cried like a child. Wu Zhenqing fought back his tears. The doctor wrote the medicine list and gave it to Wu Zhenqing: "What I prescribe for you is imported painkillers. Although it is too expensive,ibc spill pallet, it takes effect quickly. At present, it is limited to be used in the senior cadre ward. I.." That's all I can do. The doctor was also moved by compassion. Wu Zhenqing wept silently, his lips trembling and unable to say a word.