"It is indeed the legendary spear and sword, and it really has a set." Although it was hit by Li Yalin, GIII did not take it seriously. As if nothing had happened, he swept the quilt [www.qisuu.com Qishu Network] where the bullet hit, and praised Li Yalin calmly. In Li Yalin's attack just now, the position of the sixteen bullets was carefully calculated, just like the last time he fought against Sherlock Holmes. GIII just dodged, but if he used the bullets to fight back, he would wait to be hit. But for the appreciation of GIII, Li Yalin did not feel comfortable at all. He just wanted to know if this GIII was loaded with too many magic sticks? Look at your non-mainstream Nirvana, how dare you pretend to be calm? This shot won't kill you, so why don't you try this? On the surface, Li Yalin was silent s & egrave, but he worked hard in the dark. What he shot just now was just ordinary bullets. But in this attack, Li Yalin not only blessed his gun skills, but also replaced the bullets with flame bullets. Because there was no need to replace the bullets, Li Yilin's attack density was even higher this time. Thirty-two consecutive fire of flame bullets, you boy were waiting for death. Finally, after seeing Li Yalin's attack, the calm expression of GIII gradually disappeared, replaced by a dignified face. Of course, GIII could see the mystery of the attack, but it was very difficult to crack it. At least in the current situation, it was impossible to use bullets to defend. The speed of the bullet is very fast, GIII has no time to think at all, the exaggerated coat on his body shakes, forming a huge mesh shield, which envelops all the body of GIII. "It's really incredible." It looks like it's not easy. GIII's coat blocked all of Li Yalin's bullets, but when he looked at the crack marks on his coat, GIII was quite exaggerated and amazed, as if he had seen something magical. "Hey, I'm supposed to be the one who shouts incredible!" Li Yalin is also very surprised at this time, what on earth is that dress? Unexpectedly can resist their own fire bomb, to know that this is the fire bomb under full attack, even if the shell of the armored tank can easily penetrate, but now, was blocked by a mere piece of clothing, who will explain to themselves under ao? "Do you think I should be surprised that my magnetic energy propels the fiber shield, but even the explosion of the rocket can withstand it without any damage, but your bullet has directly broken it?" With these words, GIII showed Li Yalin the fragmentation of the so-called magnetic energy propulsion fiber shield, although it was not completely broken down, but it was clear that the equipment could not be used. "I don't care about you so much, come to GIII, and fight with me on a super, don't you like fighting very much?"? I'll help you! A glance at the mouth, Li Yalin does not care what bullshit fiber shield, Agate Slabs For Sale ,grey marble slab, now teach GIII as the primary task, the other later! "I have no intention of fighting with you today. The wound I was beaten by Toyama Kana yesterday is still painful. G G VI will be handed over to you for the time being. After all, you are also her brother. As for the rest, let's talk about it later when we meet again!" Just as Li Yalin wanted to continue the war, GIII waved his hand and took two steps back, and his body gradually fell into an illusion? This is not stealth, but optical m & iacute color, the use of light refraction to achieve the effect of stealth, this guy even has this kind of high-tech? Wait, aren't you afraid I'll poach you? If I admit G G VI, then she is my real sister, even if you, do not want to take her away from me! Looking at the position where GIII disappeared, Li Yalin suddenly opened his mouth and shouted. "If you are so confident, then you can do it freely, but I am looking forward to it." GIII's voice is fading away, it seems that he really left, this guy, so rest assured that GGVI will follow him? Or is this guy so confident in the loyalty of G G VI? Well, Li Yalin really can't understand the idea of such a madman. But haven't you ever heard a word from GIII? As long as the hoe wields well, there is no corner that can not be dug. Especially in the corner of G G VI, as long as Li Yalin wants to dig, it is really easy and pleasant. "Brother" until this time, G G VI came to Li Yalin weakly, called softly, wanted to catch Li Yalin's hand, but timidly did not dare to stretch out his hand. "Well, anyway, you can follow me first, but if you want to claim to be a descendant of the yuanshan family, you must first let Kana sister admit you, after all, I am just an adopted son, can not recognize your orthodox power of the yuanshan family." Sighed, at least not. Just put it here, but if G G VI wants to be recognized, it needs to work hard, otherwise, Li Yalin can only treat G G VI as a common friend. "Kanai's sister's admission?"? Good brother, I will work hard! I will never lose to sister Kanai! Hearing what Li Yalin said, G G VI immediately burned up its fighting spirit. Wait, why do you want to burn up your fighting spirit? What else do you mean you don't lose to Kana? I'm asking you to get Kana's recognition, not to defeat Kana. “ ” Ai doesn't want to lose to me, does he? Then you just have a try. "Li Yalin just wanted to say something, but at that moment, a voice that made Li Yalin H & uacuten dream suddenly sounded. Is it sister Kanai?"? When did she come here? But speaking of this is really Qiao Ai GIII just left, this Kana suddenly appeared, what is this? Did you have an appointment? "Sister Kanai?" Anyway, Li Yalin was very surprised by the appearance of Kanai. Although we met last night, we failed to say a few words. Kanai was led away by GIII. Now Kanai appears again. Li Yalin should seize the opportunity to have a good chat with his sister. "Idiot brother" walked up to Li Yalin. Kana touched Li Yalin's forehead lovingly,Carrara Marble Slab, and then turned to G GVI. Although he didn't say a word on the surface, the oppression from Kana made G GVI take two steps back. When he met Kana for the first time, how did G GVI feel that this sister Kana was stronger than G III? forustone.com