It is precisely because of this reason that Jin Dingshan has not said anything over the years, and has not cared about what happened at the beginning. In any case, Kim Jong-pyong is also his son, as long as he can contribute to the growth of the Kim family, in fact, it doesn't matter who is the head of the family. Recently, however, Jin Zhengping did something that disappointed Jin Dingshan. He killed Jin Zhengrui, Han Ningzhi, and even his only grandson, Jin Weixiong. It was really intolerable for him. Doesn't this cut off the future of the Kim family? So, Jin Dingshan, who has not been out of Jianghu for a long time, walked out of his other courtyard today. He felt that he should have a good talk with Jin Zhengping. When Jin Zhengping pushed open the study, he saw Jin Dingshan sitting opposite his desk, frowning slightly, and the expression on his face was very unhappy. Closing the door, Jin Zhengping went straight to his seat and sat down. "What are you doing here?" He said? I don't like people to enter my study without permission. I hope there won't be such a thing next time. This is not the tone of a son talking to his father, it seems aggressive, there is no emotion mixed with it. Jin Dingshan shook his head helplessly and said,12v High Torque Motor, "Can't you talk to me with a better attitude?"? Anyway, am I your father, too? "Well, is it?" Jin Zhengping said disdainfully, "Do you treat me as your son now?"? From small to large, you have never looked at me, no matter how hard I try,micro gear motor, how hard, in your eyes have never attached importance to me. I'm just a loser in your eyes, right? When I grew up, I had a girlfriend, but you didn't want to force me to separate from her. Why? Because you just regard me as a tool, as a tool for you to install the strength of the Kim family, so you force me to marry Han Ningzhi, because behind her there is a Han family who can help the Kim family, right? I tell you, from small to large, I hate you deeply, now let you retire in another hospital is already benevolent, you do not want to rely on the old to sell the old, with your identity to oppress me. An old man who is nearly seventy years old is no longer as high-spirited as he used to be. These years of seclusion and lonely life in other courtyards have also made him mentally and physically exhausted, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,small geared motors, and he is getting older and older. In fact, for an old man, what they want to see is a happy family full of children and grandchildren. He admits that he did some things too much when he was young, but he only hopes to have a harmonious family now. Looking at Jin Zhengping, Jin Dingshan's wrinkled face became a little painful. He blinked his eyes, sighed silently and said, "After so many years, can't you forgive me?"? Even if I am wrong, so many years should be over. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 1312 old people have no one to depend on. Jin Dingshan's expression was somewhat sad and indignant. He did do too many wrong things when he was young, and he did a very bad job in dealing with family relations. But now that he is old, he has a thorough understanding. He does not want Jin Zhengping to go his own way. When he is old, he will be left alone. That is a very painful thing. What achievements, what career, in front of the family are insignificant, if there is no family, no relatives, no matter how successful you will be in the future, the final face is just a lonely person, no companion. The future of the Jin family can not be supported by one person, but needs the continuous efforts of generations after generations. To Jin Dingshan's words, Jin Zhengping smiled disdainfully and said, "In the past?"? Hum, I tell you, it will never pass. You'd better go back to your other hospital to provide for the aged. You don't have to worry about the Jin family. I will let you see clearly how the Jin family is carried forward in my hands. I will let you know that it was your mistake that you were so partial to your second brother. ” "I admit that I was a little partial at that time, but how many parents in the world can really be so selfless?" Jin Dingshan said, "Besides, after so many years, you have succeeded in becoming the head of the Jin family. Why don't you let him go?"? Why did you kill him? He has no ability to compete with you. Can't you give him a way out? "It's not that I don't give him a way to live, it's that I give him a way to live and he doesn't know how to cherish it." Jin Zhengping said, "It was he who wanted to deal with me. He always took it to heart that I had taken everything away from him. So he had been plotting against me for so many years. He even wanted to unite with the cloud family to deal with me.". Do you think I can spare him? "But you clearly know that he has no ability to compete with you, ah, you have got everything you want, can't you let him?"? Let him vent his discontent. You know very well that he can't do anything in the end. If you really thought he was a threat to you, you could have put him under house arrest. Why kill him? Jin Dingshan was in tears. If he wants to die, it's not my fault. For the sake of the future of the Kim family, I will never allow anyone to plot against the law. Jin Zhengping said, "After all, you still love him, or can't bear to part with him, don't you?"? From the beginning to the end, you did not recognize me, and you did not regard me as your son. Do you know that when I was a child, I asked myself countless times whether I was your own or not? Why did you treat me so differently from my second brother. To this day, I have done so much for the Kim family, but he is still the only one in your heart. Don't you feel a trace of guilt in your heart? Taking a deep breath,Brushless Gear Motor, Kim Jong-pyong went on to say, "I've already killed him. If you're here to question me, then you can go back. I have my own way of doing things. I don't need you to intervene." 。