"Jiang Zuo will only be in the line and will never become the capital of the emperor." Zhan suddenly took a sarcastic look at the self-righteous poem, which had directly called Jiang Zuo the capital of the emperor, "I don't know what this brother Lin thinks, but at least in my heart, my capital will always be Yongji!" "Good!" Do not know who started, called a good, the whole scene because of the sudden words and warm up. Xie Jie is still slowly chewing the words before the exhibition suddenly, Jiang Zuo is just in the line. "Xing Zai", from the "Historical Records", means the place where the emperor is, and can also be understood as the place where the officials go. Whether it is self-deception or ambition, anyway, when Fang Chaoci put forward such a stealthy concept in the court, no minister dared to oppose it again. They even rarely had the noble character of one or two scholars. They felt that what Fang Chaoci said was right. They could not admit that Jiangzuo was the capital. Their capital was in Yongji. Whether they could get it back was one thing, but whether they wanted to take it or not, this attitude must be shown! At least it can send a signal to the people all over the world, especially those living in the occupied areas: My great country will never compromise! However, although they agree with Fang Chaoci in their hearts, these real big men are still very angry about Fang Chaoci's practice of doing a big thing quietly before and after, and feel that this is not respected by the younger generation. Must give Fang Chaoci a lesson, let him understand what is heaven and earth thick! "Don't worry." Fang Chaoci said to Xie Jie again. How could Xie Jie not worry. Fang Chaoci suddenly came out, in the end is for what, there is no more clear than him, this person, this person how can so warm pillow? Xie Jie was even more frightened. I'm not modest, I'm not retreating in order to advance,PET bottle Mold, I'm really fine. If Fang Chaoci thought, he could let Xie Jie bear this feeling with guilt all the time, but he didn't want to, so he broke it off and crushed it all and whispered to Xie Jie, "Love is deep, responsibility is cut, do you understand?" It was the big brothers who valued Fang Chaoci, the younger generation who had just emerged, so they wanted him to understand the rules of the game. If they don't take good care of the house, they will directly crush the little people who make their own decisions. Where will give Fang Chaochai the chance to jump to today. If you know it's a poem like this, then I have one here. Why don't you come and taste it together? The exhibition suddenly ridiculed the obvious hatred and began to crush it with strength. Outside the mountain, outside the castle peak building, when will the song and dance of the South Lake stop? The warm wind made the tourists drunk and made Jiangzhou Yongzhou. Both poems satirize the current situation, but the saliva poem and the real poem can be put together to compare the two, Beverage packing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, or stand out. After all, Lin Sheng's time in writing poetry is too short to consider words and sentences. His poems are unique in that he says what no one dares to say but wants to say, but if another poem with the same artistic conception and more beautiful words and sentences appears, his poems will be nothing. Wonderful. "Really, really." "I wonder who wrote this poem?" The whole scene exploded because of the poems in Zhan's mouth. After all, he was a scholar and had a natural affection for good poems and sentences. Zhan suddenly looked in the direction of Fang Chaoci. Fang Chaoci shook his head. He could only sigh in his heart and then said, "This is a poem written on the wall of the temple. I don't know who the author is.". It was Brother Fang who told me when he saw it. After Brother Fang wrote a letter in the court, I also played it. As a result, Zhan suddenly made his father angry. Fang Chaoci was the first to say, and what he said was very euphemistic. Although the big brother was angry with Fang Chaoci, he was also angry that the capable younger generation was not doing things thoroughly enough. He was a little angry that he did not argue and wanted to teach him well. But the exhibition suddenly this is a naked mockery, sharp and sad, or follow behind the room said, how to look at it is just the role of a younger brother, can not let his father angry. But in fact, Zhan suddenly doesn't mind these at all, what he wants to take is the route and what his father wants him to take is not a small deviation. "I shouldn't have talked about things in court, but I can't stand being so wronged today. Please forgive my honesty." The good and the bad were all finished by Zhan Huoran alone. This is not to mention, after the exhibition suddenly finished, he looked straight at the direction of the real initiator Zhang Du: "I don't know how Zhang Lang can give advice?"? People who really do things may not have the time to shout about everything they do. On the contrary, some people shout slogans louder than anyone else, but they only talk but do nothing, which is useless! Lin Sheng is only associated, but has been suddenly said by the exhibition of shame, he is just a Confucian scholar, high knowledge, but has not yet entered the court, do not know these things are inevitable. But when he thought that he had wronged a good man and was still complacent, he felt that he was a frog in a well and did not know what to do. Zhang Du. Not qualified to go to court, do not know much about things in the court, although he also followed Lin Sheng to apologize, but the heart is how to think, no one can know. A farce finally came to an end. Generally speaking, the elegant gathering held on this day was very successful, with delicious food, poetry contest, and a very profound patriotic education at the end. Everyone is proud of it and feels that this is bound to be another elegant gathering in the West Garden. On the contrary, Xie Jie was a little silent in the last period of the banquet. He did not hold Fei Lian, nor did he feed the Second Master. He just sat there half in a trance, as if he had finally figured something out. Fang Chaoci was able to perceive every emotion of Xie Jie, so as soon as the banquet was over, he sent the exhibition away early. The exhibition was so angry that he wished he could jump up and fight with Fang Chaoci. Is there such a friend? "I've left you a yard. Will you live in it?" Fang Chaoci still remembers Zhan Huoran's words that he was driven out by his father. Hey, I knew you were loyal enough. Of course I live here. Your place is much closer to the palace than my home. The exhibition suddenly turned from anger to joy,Vegetable oil filling machine, also did not and Fang Chaoci polite, went straight to the courtyard behind the house, did not go to manage Fang Chaoci in the end what to do. gzxilinear.com