If you are a hardcore crypto investor then you might be aware of the most debatable issue nowadays-
the crashing of the app while MetaMask login or working on it.

If yes, then you might be here either to know about the fixes of this error for future reference or you
might have gotten stuck with this error.

Sit tight, we are here with this article to let this worry away.

The name of the error sounds so heavy but the fixes are very simple and like ringing a bell to the
resolution of login issues. You are very well aware of all the measures to fix this issue, but you are just
feeling helpless.

Let’s drop a hat and move ahead in this journey.

Solve this error instantly with these quick measures

Are you worried about the crashing of your MetaMask app and looking for ways to settle this issue?

Although there are a vast number of ways for fixing this general error, however, you can start by trying
some of the simple resolutions. The resolutions covered in this article are concerned to cope with this
error and are highly effective which will surely help you to come out of this issue.

Come rain or shine, if you are an Android or iOS user here are some of the common fixes for your app:
Reboot your device to erase the temporary damaged file bug (if there is any)
Double-check your Internet connectivity and strength
 Erase the cache data
 Step ahead for MetaMask login again after logout
 Reinstall the mobile app
 Try to work with another device
 Wait a while, sometimes the error gets resolved itself
 If all the resolutions didn’t work out, reach out to the support team

You can try out the above-listed measures to fix the common crashing error of your MetaMask app
regardless of the mobile device that you are holding. The crash error can occur while working with the
MetaMask via the web. The error can be fixed there also easily by applying somewhat similar measures
to fix it.

Final Verdict
The main aim of this article is to solve the most highlighted error nowadays. The above-discussed error
has been reported by most of the users in the past few days. This read covered the measures to solve
this error on mobile devices.

But, if you are facing the crash while MetaMask login on your laptop/computer then you can also
resolve it by restarting your computer, closing all the tabs running on your device, re-login into your
account, re-install the browser extension and if the error still persists, you can connect with the support
team of it.