Josh Allen knows how lucky he was to have the same offensive coordinator for his first four years in the NFL. The fifth-year Russell Martin Jersey Buffalo Bill went from being a raw project to a polished quarterback largely because of it.As he enters his fifth year, he finally will have a new voice coming through on his radio helmet, as Ken Dorsey has been promoted to take over for former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, now the head coach of the New York Giants. Joe Brady was hired from outside the organization to be the new quarterbacks coach. Also coming from the outside is senior offensive a sistant Mike Shula.So yes, there have been adjustments. But no, there haven't been any problems, according to Allen."It doesn't feel like we've, mi sed a step," Allen said at mandatory minicamp this week. You know, obviously, it's going to be different. It's a different voice in the headset. It's a different mind calling the plays. The verbiage is still the same, the protections are still the same. Obviously, we've switched up a couple of things here and there with concepts and thought proce ses and stuff like that."But again, being able to call the same play and understand our players know this play like the back of their hand, and it's just our job to go out there and execute."RELATED: At the same time, the offense has to evolve, regardle s of continuity."Everything that we did last year and the year before has no effect on what we're going to do Brett Anderson Jersey and hope to accomplish this this next coming year," Allen added. "So we've got to start fresh and learn J.A. Happ Jersey how to improve and keep finding ways to improve."Beyond the new voices on the sideline, the players will be looking first to Allen to lead that movement.He has not let them down. So committed is Allen to making this happen that even after mi sing a practice during OTAs to play in , a made-for-TV charity golf event in Las Vegas, he was back on the field with his teammates in Orchard Park the next day.That kind of behavior resonates with everyone in the locker room, not to mention Bills Mafia.Allen is not just pleased with his new coaches, but his new weapons. He took the time on Tuesdayto praise veteran Tavon Austin, a surprise addition who signed a one-year contract le s than a week earlier.Scroll to Continue"That's a true pro right there," Allen raved. "You know he's only been here a couple of weeks, but Yangervis Solarte Jersey even in walkthroughs, how attentive he is he's right behind me basically, listening to play calls, jogging out and standing behind somebody in front of him and going through the play. You guys saw him in warmups, you know he's behind the guys catching punts, he's right there behind them and doing all the other drills and making it game-like reps and he's trying to get those reps without actually getting them. His attention to detail has been awesome.RELATED: "His approach to guys, how he talks to his teammates and the other receivers, is awesome. He's bringing those guys along, so it's awesome to have a guy like that who has been around the league for a long time that people respect so much."In other words, it hasn't taken Austin very long to become a team leader."You have some of these young guys in here, they know Tavon Austin from his highlights on YouTube," Allen said. "I know that I watched those as a kid. You know, as a kid growing up, his college highlights were unbelievable. So I know some of those receivers have so much respect for him already. So when he talks, they listen."Or taking notes, like Kevin Pillar Jersey their quarterback, who hopes to never stop learning or evolving.RELATED: RELATED: RELATED: RELATED: BOOKMARK OUR SITE: .