1. Is Smoking Pod Harmful?

Answer: Yes!

So if asked,  hut pod co hai khong ? Of course it's  harmful  . However, according to statistics, it has been reduced by up to 70% compared to regular cigarettes, because the process controls the nicotine sublimation temperature.

Pods are not as toxic as traditional cigarettes. Because Pod System was born to help smokers quit. Essential oils for Pods have been removed 80% of the harmful substances found in traditional tobacco ingredients. So for traditional smokers, “Smoking Pods is not harmful”.

The Pod produces less smoke because it enhances the taste and concentration of nicotine. Pods now come in a wide variety of flavors created from a variety of pod system essential oils (Juice pod, Salt Nic ). Is Smoking Pod Harmful? Basically, the Pod system uses an essential oil containing nicotine in the form of salt (Salt Nic, Juice).

Essential oils are burned with steam by an OCC Coil. So, in the process of creating taste and creating smoke, many toxic components have been filtered out.

Pod mod or pod system has a high nicotine rate, helping to quit smoking better, with less smoke. In addition, when sucking Pod, you will not worry about bleeding gums, less cause sore throat. And feel better health. That is why the Pod system is suitable for people who want to quit smoking.

Vape has nicotine in low doses compared to traditional cigarettes

2. 5 benefits of smoking Pod

Pod mod or pod system with compact design, many innovative features are increasingly dominant and preferred. It is even predicted to replace vaping. Is Smoking Pod Harmful? In addition to having a high nicotine rate, helping to quit smoking, Pods also have many practical benefits such as:

  • No bleeding gums, no staining of teeth, less sore throat
  • The amount of smoke sucked out is steam, so it doesn't affect people around
  • Better skin on hands: Smokers often have jaundice on the fingertips. But when using the pod, the skin of the hands is still ruddy and smooth.
  • Reduce stress, increase creativity, reduce fatigue and stress
  • Mouth fresh: Because essential oils contain fruity scents such as apple, strawberry, mint. So it will help to smell better, and choose your favorite scents.
  • No health effects: Smoke extracted from nature should eliminate harmful ingredients for the body.
Is Smoking Pod Harmful?  if the e-liquid does not contain nicotineIs Smoking Pod Harmful?

3. Comparison between pod smoking and traditional cigarette smoking

3.1 Traditional cigarettes – lurking danger

Pods are used by many people to quit smoking. Many people believe that Pods can quench cravings without affecting health. Basically, cigarettes and pods both contain nicotine. But cigarettes often carry many toxins caused by burning too hot, bring bad smell and affect people around.

In particular, the habit of smoking is often very large. Therefore, most smokers will continue to smoke more and more. In addition, regular cigarettes, when not smoked, still produce smoke.

This affects the health of the smoker and those around him. Smoking also causes problems such as yellow teeth, bleeding gums, or bad odors. People who smoke a lot, especially in the summer, easily cause fatigue, ie shortness of breath, cough, phlegm and sore throat....

3.2 Pod system – perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes

Whereas with e-cigarettes like Pods, when cutting nicotine cravings, you don't need to smoke more. And especially, e-cigarettes may not have the habit of holding cigarettes. And no excess smoke. Is Smoking Pod Harmful? Pod or Pod system is also proven to be 95% less toxic than regular cigarettes (according to a report from the UK Department of Health). Although it can also be addictive, to a much lesser extent than traditional cigarettes.

The Pod system uses scented essential oils. When burning does not cause bad breath and many flavors to choose from. When smoking Pod, there is also smoke, but depending on the device model, the amount of smoke varies. Smoking Pod does not pollute the environment, does not affect people around. Moreover, Pod has diverse, luxurious, compact, and easy-to-carry designs.

Smoking pod is less harmful and easy to carry, so it is loved by many peoplePods are also reasonably priced, with a variety of flavors

4. Information to understand properly about smoking Pods

4.1 Is smoking Pod harmful to the lungs?

Is vaping harmful to the lungs? Of course, it also has some effect on the lungs when used. But most experts agree that vaping is much healthier than smoking cigarettes. Although it also contains some ingredients that are not good for the respiratory system as well as the lungs. But can not destroy the body like regular cigarettes. There is a substance in e-cigarettes called diacetyl.

It is FDA-approved to be safe to eat, but not necessarily safe to inhale. Inhaling diacetyl can cause long-term lung problems such as bronchiolitis obliterans disease, pneumonia. But this amount in vape oil is only a fraction of that in cigarettes. And it takes over 100 years for it to harm your lungs.

4.2 Are Vape Pods Harmful?

It can be said that one of the plus points that makes Vape pods more and more people choose as an alternative to using cigarettes, is the ability to adjust the scent through burning essential oils.

Currently on the market there are many lines of salt nic essential oils for pod systems from different brands. Is Smoking Pod Harmful? Most of the essential oils for Vape Pods are naturally derived from fruits. This enhances the taste when smoked, without affecting health.

4.3 Is Nicotine In Pod Harmful?

Compared to traditional cigarettes, vapes and pods have much less nicotine content. And completely adjustable through the adjustment of burning mode and essential oils. Salt nic or pod and vape oil is a natural form of nicotine. Heated to a temperature just enough to sublimate Nicotine by means of an internal combustion system.

Is nicotine in vapes and pods harmful? Of course, it also has a certain effect because any smoke on people will be harmful. But compared to cigarettes, it is still rated as much safer. The best advice is not to use any kind of tobacco. And if you can't quit, you should choose the product that is the least harmful to the body. In smoke vape or pod systems are still safe choices.

4.4 Can smoking pod make you infertile?

In fact, to date, there has not been an official study to confirm that vaping can cause infertility for smokers. However, many studies have shown that the presence of Courmarin in essential oils is the cause of an incalculable potential risk. So what is Coumarin? Courmarin is one of the chemical compounds capable of creating artificial scents for essential oils.

After penetrating into the blood, it can cause the sex hormones Estrogen (male) and Testosterone (female) to be affected. In men, it can harm sperm. For women, it is easy to affect the health of the fetus. It even causes mutations and miscarriages in some cases.

For profit reasons, many less reputable manufacturers use Courmarin ingredients. Instead of using natural incense extracts to create a variety of scents. It is this, which causes some users to experience many health problems. As well as making Vape unjust. So if you are using vape, remember to choose essential oil products with reputable brands, make sure to use safe ingredients!

4.5 Is smoking pod harmful to pregnant women?

Although vaping is considered safer than cigarettes. But of course it is not rated absolutely safe for pregnant women. Many pregnant women are turning to e-cigarettes. Because think of an alternative to smoking to minimize the effects on the fetus. However, nicotine found in e-cigarettes also carries the same harmful effects on the fetus.

Basically, in order for the fetus to develop normally and ensure the health of pregnant women, exposure to tobacco smoke should be minimized. Even the use of e-cigarettes that are thought to be less harmful like vaping should be limited!

4.6 Is smoking pod harmful to teeth?

Although there are many controversies about the safety of vaping. But there is a real history that vaping will protect your teeth much more than traditional cigarettes. Smoking not only does not cause bleeding gums, does not stain teeth, but also causes less sore throat.

What's more, most essential oils burn with fruity scents such as apple, strawberry, and mint. So it will help to smell better, and choose your favorite scents. Using vape not only protects oral problems, fresh breath, but also keeps the skin of the hands ruddy.

4.7 Does smoking pod cause cancer?

Along with the question “is vaping harmful?” "Does vaping cause cancer?" is also considered as one of the things that many people are interested in. As discussed in the previous sections, vaping is not completely harmless. But it also has certain health effects.

However, compared to cigarettes, it is much safer and overcomes more disadvantages. So gradually VAPE is being used to replace regular cigarettes.

There is a substance in e-cigarettes called diacetyl. Many studies have shown that inhaling diacetyl can cause many health problems. But this amount in vape oil is only a fraction of that in cigarettes. And it takes more than 100 years for it to cause lung damage or cancer complications.

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