How much is the Pod again line?
AGAIN DTL is the most popular disposable cartridge line in the manufacturer's DTL brand, which was just launched on the world e-cigarette market not long ago but it has quickly caused a global fever. by excellent sensory taste and unique impressive satisfaction.

The impact of the pandemic has had a great impact on the global economy, but the e-cigarette market alone does not seem to be affected much, even this item will have significant growth in 2021, especially is a disposable ink cartridge – a line of disposable ink cartridges.

And one of the most mentioned names in 2022 must be Pod Again, smoking 800 cigarettes. This product is the "baby" of the manufacturer DTL, which just appeared on the Vietnamese market not long ago.

The DTL Again Pod product has a battery capacity of 500mAh, an e-liquid capacity of 2.8ml, providing you with up to 800 free cigarettes to relax all day long. The concentration of nicotine in the product is about 20mg, the intensity is at a level that allows users to comfortably use it, including women.

In terms of design, this DTL Again pod has a compact, simple and convenient pen form. You can easily carry it anywhere in your pocket, pocket or backpack without any inconvenience. The manufacturer has taken great care to upgrade the cover of the case to a matte form, which not only makes the device smoother and more solid, but also adds a luxurious aesthetic. In addition, the colorful smart LED effect of the DTL Again pod is also a plus, helping to attract customers at first sight.

The Vape Pod Lio Boom Pod 3500 vapor is a disposable device, comprehensively upgraded from the old Lio disposable Pod versions, completely overcoming the burning errors as well as the taste is improved from beginning to end. Using on-device mesh coil technology, the 1.0 ohm burner supports MTL for ultimate flavor, enhanced creative airflow.

Massive 1400mAh battery capacity in a compact device, which is great and not everyone can do, a single-use device that provides a week of use cost-effectively and efficiently high usage.

Products are inspired by fruits from all over the world. When looking at the naming, you will surely be surprised by the uniqueness that the manufacturer has chosen. Guaranteed to be true to its name, each taste of HIIT will be so good that your throat will feel like there are really high HITs (hits).

The vape pod kit comes from the Starss brand, with an eye-catching, compact and handy design like a wristwatch but with extremely good quality and long life, Starss Icon Podsystem is a super vape product. pod is being highly appreciated not only for its beautiful appearance, but its advanced chipset is really good to support even and extremely stable burning capacity.

Above is the answer to the question Pod again how much ni? and suggest you the top 3 pod system lines worth buying today. If you have any questions about playing smoke, you can contact us at so that TLX POD has the fastest opportunity for advice.