So what's hot about this product, why has it become a leading product in disposable vape pods? Check out the review below

Review Pod Minions Mesh Q

MINION MESH Q Vape 4000 Disposable Pod,  inspired by the funny cartoon character Minions, now has a vape pod minions that produces smoke, with nicotine content 3% 30ni 30mg or 5% 50ni 50mg with many delicious flavors for you to choose from.

Evaluation by question

What is a Q Vape mesh minions pod?

  • Is a Pod vape product that already has essential oils, and batteries. When you buy it, you can use it right away, don't have to pay much attention to the burner and then fine…

Pod minions mesh Q how to use?

  • Pod minion mesh X brought back to be used as a normal pod. Rechargeable, if the battery runs out. If the smoke is gone, the product is out, the essential oil is gone. Can't use it anymore

How long does the Q mesh minions pod last?

  • About 15 days on average. And also depending on the dose you use, you can use more or less, the time will be different. And right now Pod minion has 4000 puffs, you can calculate how long 4000 puffs will last

How much does Q Vape mesh minions pod cost?

  •  Pod minions mesh X currently has a very nice price and the cheapest is 2xxk. Check out the latest prices on Shopvape

Does the Q Vape mesh minions pod charge the battery?

  •  Rechargeable X mesh minions pod, with USB type C . port

Pod minions mesh Q How much nicotine?

  • 5% nicotine is 50mg of nicotine, there is also a 3% version for those who like low nicotine

What color is the best Q mesh minions pod?

  • Yellow is currently the most popular color, as it is the color of minions. There are other colors but I personally don't find them very nice.

What kind of battery charging port does the Q minions mesh pod use?

  • Charge using USB type-C charging port

Are Q  Vape mesh minions pods counterfeit?

  • There are many, so you should choose a reputable shop to buy and use. Vape Shop is committed to genuine products

How much is the wholesale price of pod minions mesh Q  Vape?

  •  Contact shopvape to see wholesale prices!

Pod minions mesh Q   Kit How much capacity?

  • 10 watts of power. With this capacity, the amount of smoke will be quite good, just right.

Pod minions mesh Q  Kit with how much battery capacity

  • The battery capacity is 650mAh, when the battery runs out, you can charge it

Where to buy Pod minions mesh Q  Vape tphcm

  • mainly sold at mainly sold at 495 Cach Mang Thang 8 district 10 with phone number for door to door delivery 09 347 347 89


Disposable Vape Pod MINIONS MESH Q 4000 slightly cheap

Minion Mesh Q is a new disposable vape line, with a cute design, suitable for anyone including vape women. The product is suitable for playing, using and enjoying many different flavors of essential oils.

The MINIONS MESH-X 4000 Puff Mesh Coil Disposable Vape Pod is a Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit. The pod dung 1 lan has an extremely large capacity that holds up to 12ml of essential oil, so the number of suction times reaches 4000 puffs. Minions has a battery capacity of 650 mAh, and the highlight of this single-use pod is that it can be recharged via the Type-C fast charging port, which is extremely convenient. Accompanied by mesh coil technology for a deeper flavor with the disposable Minions Mesh-Q Pod.