MarkNtel Advisors recently published a report, titled, " Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market By Type of Sector (Animal Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology (Alternative Energy Sources, Waste Clean-up/ Bioremediation), Agriculture Biotechnology (Crop Yield Improvement, Pest Resistance, Improvement of Plant Resistance, Biodiversity Informatics, Nutritional Quality Improvement), Forensic Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology (Drug Development, Clinical Diagnostics, Molecular Medicine, Gene Therapy, Reproductive Biotechnology), Academics, Others),. As per as the report The Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Market is projected to grow at around 17% CAGR during the forecast period, i.e., 2021-26.

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Leading Companies in Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Agilent Technologies, Inc., Affymetrix, Applied Biological Materials Inc., Illumina, Inc., QIAGEN, Biomax Biotechnics, DNANEXUS, Water corporation, Genebio, Integromics, Inc., PerkinElmer Inc., Partek, BGI, Dassault systems, etc.

Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market Segmentation:

By Product & Services


-Sequence Analysis Platforms

-Sequence Alignment Platforms

-Structural & Functional Analysis Platforms

-Sequence Manipulation Platforms


Knowledge Management Tools

-Generalized Knowledge Management Tools

-Specialized Knowledge Management Tools


-Data Analysis Services

-Database Management Services


By Application



-Chemoinformatics & Drug Design



-Other (Molecular Medicine, Preventive Medicine, etc.)

By Type of Sector

-Animal Biotechnology

-Environmental Biotechnology

-Waste Clean-up/ Bioremediation

-Alternative Energy Sources

-Agriculture Biotechnology

-Nutritional Quality Improvement

-Biodiversity Informatics

-Improvement of Plant Resistance

-Pest Resistance

-Crop Yield Improvement

-Forensic Biotechnology

-Medical Biotechnology

-Reproductive Biotechnology

-Gene Therapy

-Molecular Medicine

-Clinical Diagnostics

-Drug Development



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By Country





-South Korea


-Southeast Asia


Key questions answered in the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market are:

•What is Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market?

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•Which are the factors expected to drive the market growth?

•What are the different segments of the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market?

•What segments are covered in the Market?

•Who are the key players in the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market?

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