Sethos, the highly anticipated character in Genshin Impact, has captured the attention of players since his exciting reveal during the version 4.6 special program livestream. Set to make his debut in the game's next story quest for Cyno, Sethos will challenge Cyno for the "wisdom of Hermanubis," adding an intriguing twist to the game's narrative.

In an exciting announcement, Hoyoverse revealed the talented voice actors for Sethos in both the English and Japanese versions of Genshin Impact.

English Voice Actor - Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson, celebrated for his exceptional voice acting skills, will bring Sethos to life in the English version of Genshin Impact. Robinson boasts an impressive resume, having lent his voice to characters in various popular franchises. His outstanding talent was recognized when he clinched the award for Best VA Performance (EN) at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021. Some of his notable works include SuperAlloy Blackluster in "One-Punch Man," Genya Shinazugawa in "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba," and Hawks in "My Hero Academia."

Japanese Voice Actor - Chiba Shoya

Chiba Shoya will be the voice behind Sethos in the Japanese version of Genshin Impact, adding depth and authenticity to the character for Japanese-speaking players.

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