Origami Bird Exploration Adventure

In Honkai: Star Rail, players can embark on an exploration task to locate and yank the feathers of the origami bird, a colossal creature in the game. This activity is part of the achievement system in the game, providing players with an engaging challenge during their gameplay.

The origami bird, which is a key feature in the game's exploration tasks, is found in the "great tree" located in various dream areas across the planet of festivities. Players must seek out this mythical creature and interact with it to receive rewards and hints that can aid them in their journey through Honkai: Star Rail.

It's important to note that not all origami birds on the map are associated with the great tree reward. For example, in the city sandpit, players can encounter a hidden feather that can be extracted, although it is not linked to the dewlight pavilion origami bird in Honkai: Star Rail.

Players can also engage in a quest to find a bottle of the finest wine, which is requested by the origami bird. This quest adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay, as players must locate this special beverage in the Dawndew Hut and present it to the origami bird as part of their interaction with the majestic creature.

To unlock the "Why is the Origami Bird so Huge?" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, players need to locate a massive origami bird in the City Sandpit of Dewlight Pavilion. Once they find the bird, they must present it with a bottle of the finest wine.

Head to the city of Sandpit and make your way northwest to the Bubble Pinball Machine. Move towards the elevated platform and then head west to reach the second Bubble Pinball Machine. Once there, you'll have the option to go to either the nearer or further platform. Choose the nearer one and search for a large feather that you can examine.

After that, engage in a conversation with the giant origami bird. The bird will express its desire to sample the beverages from Dawndew Hut, tasking the trailblazer with the mission of obtaining a bottle of the finest wine in Honkai: Star Rail.

Quest for the Finest Wine

To locate the finest wine in Honkai: Star Rail, visit the reception counter at the Space Anchor in Dewlight Pavilion. Look for a collection of bottles near the orange sofa and eavesdrop on their conversation. Instigate a conflict between them, and then designate any bottle as the "finest" wine.

Return to the Massive Feather, where the origami bird will express gratitude to the trailblazers for providing such exceptional wine. As a reward, players will receive: - 2 Lost Crystals - 5000 Credits - "Drunk 'Little' Bird" sticker for the City Sandpit - "Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge?" achievement

The first item, Lost Crystal x2, serves as enhancement material for upgrading relics and is one of the top-tier resources for enhancement. Credits are the main currency in the game, valuable for purchasing items and upgrading characters. The sticker is specifically utilized for the Dreamscape Pass Chapter 13, "Nobodys in the Big Dream." Lastly, the achievement can be claimed from the trophy list and grants five Stellar Jades upon collection.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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