Empowering Change: Women Leading the Generative AI Revolution in Marketing for International Women’s Day

Shaping the Future: Women Leaders Spearheading Generative AI and Marketing Innovation for International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women Leaders Shaping the Future of Marketing with Gen AI

“Inspire change” sets the tone for this year’s International Women’s Day theme. It’s a fitting reflection of the ever-evolving nature of marketing, where change is the only constant. The last third-party cookie has finally crumbled, privacy laws are tightening, and now, Generative AI is quickly ushering in a new era of innovation and adaptation.

With mounting research demonstrating that gender-diverse teams outperform their peers time and time again, we turned the conversation over to the exceptional women thought leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the narrative surrounding Gen AI and marketing.

Lisa Gately, Principal Analyst at Forrester (Forrester Blog)

Lisa has 20 years of experience in B2B technology content, communications, events, and services marketing. She helps Forrester clients build and optimize their B2B content engines and transform them into competitive differentiators. Lisa is an evangelist for audience-centric content strategy, content marketing, and content operations.

“During the past year, we’ve seen genAI capabilities appear in the martech stack along with a rise of multimodal capabilities, where AI models can understand, interpret, and generate content across multiple formats like text, images, audio, and video. It can be overwhelming to understand which systems do what tasks and to determine which ones to embrace. However, making time to learn about these capabilities is important. Content use cases aren’t only a practical entry point for scaling genAI adoption; they also represent a large part of an organizations’ activities and offer enormous potential for enhancing the customer experience and speeding time to market. Acting now is essential because the pace of change for genAI will only accelerate.”

Joyce Gordon, Head of Generative AI, Amperity

Gordon leads Amperity’s generative AI product development and strategy. She’s also worked on the product development for many investments across the ML and ML Ops spaces, including launching Amperity’s predictive models and infrastructure used by many of the world’s top brands.

Here, she offers insights into using gen AI to gain a leg up on the competition and highlights the crucial significance of a clean data foundation.

“Gen AI is only as good as the data that powers it. And since customer data is notoriously complex, it takes a different AI process to unify it into accurate, comprehensive profiles that can feed your Generative AI tools to get the best results.  

Customer data tools can use AI to power critical processes behind the scenes, including data unification, insights, and predictions, so you have the answers to the questions “Who are my customers? What did they do? And what should I do next?”

In a world where the same Generative AI tools for activation are available to everyone, the data you feed into your Gen AI systems will be a key competitive differentiator, since it determines the quality of the output. In short, it’s not enough to have AI tools at the last mile — it needs to be part of your approach from the first step.”

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