Flying to multiple destinations in one trip can be both exciting and convenient. Whether you're planning a business trip with several meetings in different cities or a leisurely journey exploring various destinations, multi-city flights offer flexibility and efficiency. Frontier Airlines, known for its affordable fares and extensive route network, also provides options for booking multi-city itineraries. In this article, we'll explore how to book multi-city flights with Frontier Airlines, compare the costs of multi-city vs. separate bookings, and offer some tips for getting the best deals.

How to Book Multi-City Flights ?

Booking a Frontier Airlines Multi City is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

  • Visit the Frontier Airlines Website: Start by visiting the Frontier Airlines official website.

  • Select "Multi-City" Option: When entering your travel details, look for the option labeled "Multi-City" or "Multiple Destinations." Click on this option to begin building your itinerary.

  • Enter Your Travel Details: Input the cities you'll be traveling to and from, along with your preferred travel dates for each segment of the trip.

  • Choose Your Flights: Frontier Airlines will display available flight options for each leg of your journey. Select the flights that best fit your schedule and budget for each segment.

  • Complete the Booking Process: Once you've chosen all your flights, proceed to the booking and payment process to confirm your reservation.

Are Multi-City Flights Cheaper?

One common question travelers have is whether booking a multi-city itinerary is cheaper than booking separate one-way or round-trip flights. The answer depends on various factors such as route, timing, demand, and availability. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Cost Savings: In some cases, booking a multi-city itinerary can be more cost-effective than purchasing individual one-way tickets for each segment of your journey. Airlines often offer discounted fares for multi-city bookings as they prefer to fill seats on interconnected flights.

  2. Flexibility: Multi-city itineraries provide greater flexibility in travel planning. You can customize your trip to visit multiple destinations without being constrained by traditional round-trip or one-way flight options.

  3. Additional Fees: Keep in mind that while the base fare for a multi-city itinerary may seem lower, there could be additional fees for things like baggage, seat selection, and other services. Be sure to factor in these extra costs when comparing prices.

  4. Special Deals and Promotions: Airlines occasionally offer special deals and promotions specifically for multi-city bookings. Keep an eye out for these offers, as they can provide significant savings on your travel expenses.

Tips for Booking Multi-City Flights

To ensure you get the best deal on your multi-city flights with Frontier Airlines, consider the following tips:

  • Book in Advance: As with any flight booking, it's generally advisable to book your multi-city itinerary well in advance to secure the best fares and availability.

  • Be Flexible with Dates and Times: Flexibility with your travel dates and times can significantly impact the cost of your multi-city flights. Consider adjusting your itinerary by a day or two to take advantage of lower fares.

  • Compare Prices: Before finalizing your booking, compare the total cost of a multi-city itinerary with the combined cost of individual one-way tickets for the same journey. Sometimes, booking separate flights may be cheaper, so it's essential to do your research.

  • Sign Up for Alerts: Subscribe to fare alerts or newsletters from Frontier Airlines to stay informed about any promotions or discounts on multi-city bookings.

  • Consider Alternative Airports: Explore the possibility of flying into or out of alternative airports near your intended destinations. This can sometimes result in lower fares for multi-city itineraries.


Booking multi-city flights with Frontier Airlines offers travelers the flexibility to explore multiple destinations in one trip. By following the steps outlined above and considering factors such as cost, flexibility, and additional fees, you can plan your multi-city itinerary efficiently and maximize your savings. Whether you're embarking on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, multi-city flights provide an excellent opportunity to discover more destinations without breaking the bank.