Electromechanical devices known as aircraft actuators are employed in the aerospace sector to regulate the movement of several aircraft parts, including landing gear, slats, and flaps. With a projected valuation of USD 10.45 billion in 2022, the Aircraft Actuator Market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5%. These gadgets, which oversee precisely controlling the movement and positioning of aircraft components, are essential to the safe functioning of an airplane.

Because they regulate many different systems and motions within an aircraft, including as the landing gear, flight control surfaces, and other vital parts, aircraft actuators are vital to the aviation industry. Actuators, among other novel and effective aircraft components, are in high demand due to the aviation industry's overall growth and expansion. The demand for certain aircraft components, such as actuators, is contingent upon the quantity of new aircraft orders placed by both military and commercial entities. The primary drivers of the market are aerospace suppliers and aircraft manufacturers.

Commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft all often employ aircraft actuators, which are made to endure the demanding loads and challenging weather encountered in flight. They can be operated manually or by means of a computerized control system, and they are usually driven by hydraulic or electric motors.

In addition, the market is divided by applications such as landing gear systems, flight control systems, and others. The market is anticipated to be dominated by the flight control system segment due to the growing demand for sophisticated fly-by-wire systems and the increase in aircraft orders from commercial airlines.

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The market for aircraft actuators is quite competitive, with many companies providing a variety of goods to cater to the various demands of the aviation sector. The market is driven by improvements in aircraft systems technology as well as the growing need for more dependable and efficient aircraft parts.

Key Companies

Honeywell International Inc., Eaton, Moog Inc., Parker Hannifin Corp, Safran, Meggit Plc., Woodward Inc., Sitec Aerospace GmbH, Progressive Automation Inc, Tamagawa seiki Co. Ltd., Aero Space Controls Corporation, Beaver Aerospace & Defense Inc., Rockwell Collins, and Curtiss-Wright.

Market Segmental Analysis 

Country Scope

U.S.; Canada; U.K.; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Benelux; Nordic Countries; Russia; China; India; Japan; South Korea; Australia; Indonesia; Thailand; Mexico; Brazil; Argentina; Saudi Arabia; UAE; Egypt; South Africa; Nigeria

By end-user

Commercial aircraft

Military aircraft

By actuators type






By motion



By platform

fixed wing

rotary wing

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