You must first log into the Wavlink router before proceeding with the WiFi app and web browser Wavlink configuration. As noted above, there are two ways to accomplish this; however, you must use the default login information. Select your preferred method, then use a network-connected device to enter the login portal to continue. In the first way, open any web browser and then enter the default web or IP address to find the setup window. The browser will then direct you to the login page, where you must enter the router's username and password. 


To complete login and get to the setup screen, enter those details in the appropriate fields and press Enter. As you do this, you will have access to the setup window on the next page on the same portal. Then, choose the network that you wish to extend and insert its password to extend it. Thereafter, use the directions that your device’s display shows you but follow them in the right sequence to avoid errors. In this way, you will complete the process easily.