Every woman desires a well-defined physique. However, the majority of them fall short of having a flawlessly sculpted body because of varied reasons. It may be due to dramatic weight loss brought on by diet changes, weight-loss surgery, or childbirth/pregnancy. Body contouring is a combination of procedures that aims to eliminate or minimize undesired or hard-to-remove body fat deposits and/or loose skin.

In this blog, we will delve into the different procedures performed in body contouring. To help readers get the right knowledge, we have gathered insights from Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda, a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon for Body Contouring in Hyderabad. The expert surgeon is the co-founder of the leading plastic surgery clinic, Eternelle Aesthetics. Let’s learn about varied body contouring procedures. 

Different Surgical Body Contouring Procedures:

  1. Liposuction

It is among the most promising procedures for contouring weight loss. This process helps people achieve a toned body shape and eliminate fat pockets from different body parts that are resistant to exercise. 

  1. Breast Reduction

This is for women with big breasts who want to get rid of the headaches, neck aches, aching shoulders, lower backaches, and persistent infections that come with having big breasts. During the procedure, an incision is made around the nipple, areolae, and breast crease to remove any excess breast tissue or fatty tissues from one or both breasts.

  1. Breast Augmentation

Women who desire larger, more voluptuous breasts or a change in breast shape choose this option. This surgery can be performed with two methods: autologous fat transfer and breast implants.

  1. Breast Lift

It is done to raise women's sagging breasts and to make their areolas smaller. To achieve a more youthful-looking breast contour, the surgery involves removing extra hanging breast skin and tightening the surrounding breast tissues.

  1. Tummy Tuck

It is intended to reduce excess fat and loose skin around the belly and to tighten the muscles in the abdomen. The abdomen looks taut and trimmed after this procedure. There are various kinds of tummy tucks, depending on the extent of the procedure and the incision method used. 

  1. Arm Lift

The purpose of the procedure is to make the upper arms' sagging underside look better. During the process, excess skin and fat from the region between the elbows and the armpit are removed. 

  1. Thigh Lift

The goal of this procedure is to reduce excess skin and/or fat to enhance the appearance of the inner and/or outer thighs. It can be done to improve the appearance of thigh contours, tighten loose, flabby skin, and alleviate physical discomfort.

  1. Butt Lift

This procedure modifies the butt's size, shape, and volume to improve its appearance. During the procedure, excess butt skin is removed, skin tightening is performed, and liposuction is used to move fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks or butt implants.


Body contouring procedure is a set of different surgical procedures that helps women get the desired body profile in a single surgical session. One can even get a single surgery performed separately if they have a specific concern.
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