How do I contact Porter Airlines customer service?

Planning a trip to visit a new place consists of a lot of excitement as well as a bit of trouble if you are not familiar with the reservation procedure or have detailed information about a specific service that you would like to add. If you have considered making your flying arrangements for the trip with the Canadian air carrier Porter Airlines, you can get help from their customer service on any issue related to having a reservation, inquiring about the flights, and attaining detailed information. Find the contact methods here that will get you to Porter Airlines' customer service department. 

List of the contacting methods at Porter Airlines 

The contact methods that travelers vividly use to get through to customer service at Porter Airlines are as follows:

1. Buzzing Call at the customer service

It would be much easier to talk about your concerns and doubts regarding traveling with Porter Airlines with an executive on the call. Speaking on the phone allows straight and clear communication about any topic, and the answers can be personalized as needed. 

Guide on calling Porter Airlines:

  • Put the call in the Porter Airlines contact number: 1 (888) 619-8622,
  • According to your need, you must select the call command language,
  • After that, follow the received commands suitably to your requirement for help,
  • The call will be transferred to the desired department to avail you of the official person,
  • With a moment of waiting, you can talk with the Porter Airlines official person to clear up your doubts. 

2. Communicating online with customer service

You can also attain online communication with customer service by using the Porter Airlines online chat option that is added to the website. Calling is not always a convenient method to get through an official, so to avail of direct help regarding your travel requirements, you can talk using the online contact method. 

Guide on communicating online:

  • You have to start by visiting the Porter Airlines website,
  • Scrolling to the bottom bar, you can tap on the "Help & Contact" option, 
  • In the loaded page, you can see the "Chat" option in a corner,
  • Select it to have the chat screen on the page,
  • Now, send a message entering your name and email address,
  • First, you have to follow the given prompts in the chat screen,
  • Later, you will be able to communicate directly with the Porter official in the chat.

3. Sending your requirements in email

Porter Airlines happily accepts emails from their customers regarding any matter, from flight information to claiming a refund for canceling a flight. The Porter Airlines email support is available all day. However, the answers to the emails do not take more than 48 hours, so you can easily get information prior to your flight. 

Guide on sending an email to customer service:

  • Draft your email with mentioning your requirement,
  • Add the contact option of yours,
  • Then you should add the reservation information if the requirement is concerning to the same,
  • You may attach a few files related to your requirements,
  • Afterward, deliver your composed email to 

4. Joining the social media handle

If you select to join the social media handle of Porter Airlines, you can initiate a conversation with the official person on the message box anytime and get immediate help with your queries. The social media handles of the airline are majorly used to get updates on the flights, attain news, and get deals and offers. But if you want direct communication, you can use the inbox as well. 

Guide on messaging on social media:

  • First, you have to open the Porter Airlines webpage,
  • At the bottom, you can navigate the social media handles section,
  • As per your choice, you have to select a handle to visit the page,
  • Then, you can deliver your queries to the inbox,
  • An official at Porter Airlines will answer you in a moment. 


When you are in trouble with a few things regarding your travel requirements at Porter Airlines, you can get through to an official anytime to request help. The Porter Airlines customer service hours are 24*7, so you do not have to be worried about a particular time to speak with the official person. Read the contact methods above thoroughly to decide which is the suitable way for you to get any help with your travel matters.