The selection and installation of shading curtains is also an important step in the decoration process. Blackout curtains custom has become an increasing choice for people due to their ability to better adapt to window size and decoration style.


However, the precautions to be taken when customizing blackout curtains cannot be ignored. Below are five things to pay attention to in detail, to help you avoid mistakes when customizing blackout curtains.


1、 Wrinkling problem


The more wrinkles a curtain has, the better it looks. Excessive wrinkles not only make the curtain appear too bulky, but also affect its opening and transparency.


Generally speaking, the width of curtain folds should be 1.5-2 times the width of the window, in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing effect.


2、 Fabric issue


There are various types of fabrics for blackout curtains, and different fabrics have different characteristics and usage scenarios. When choosing, in addition to considering aesthetics and environmental protection, the ease of cleaning of the fabric should also be taken into consideration.


For example, the mainstream silver ion antibacterial curtains in the current market have anti mold and antibacterial effects, which can keep the fabric fresh and clean from the inside out, effectively avoiding health hazards.


3、 Cost issue


The price of customized curtains is not fixed. In addition to the price of the curtains themselves, it also includes the prices of accessories such as Roman bars, hooks, straps, and various accessories.


Therefore, when customizing curtains, it is necessary to conduct a price survey in advance and communicate the quantity and material used to avoid merchants from interfering and increasing the customized price.


4、 Size issues


When customizing blackout curtains, merchants will measure the precise size of the windows at their doorstep. Consumers need to carefully check the size at this time to avoid making curtains that do not match the size of the windows.


If the size is found to be incorrect, it is necessary to communicate with the merchant in a timely manner and remake suitable curtains.


5、 Pattern issue


The pattern and pattern of curtains have a significant impact on the decoration style and atmosphere of the entire room. When choosing curtain patterns, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as window size, age of occupants, interior decoration style, and furniture characteristics.


If the window is short, try not to choose a horizontal pattern or a small floral pattern. Instead, choose a vertical pattern, otherwise the window will appear narrower.


In addition, the stripes on the curtains should be straight and not tilted, otherwise it will cause the illusion of the window tilting.


In summary, when customizing blackout curtains, multiple factors need to be considered. I hope this article can help everyone better understand how to customize curtains and avoid errors.