Turkey is a great spot for a family holiday, whether you have little children or teenagers. Once you find the right family trip dates, it is time to prepare the tiny things to spice them up. Turkey's crystal-clear coasts, wonderful towns, hiking, and camping may build family relationships.

We have all traveled with toddlers, particularly when they are 1-2 years old. So, a 2-hour tour to a historical location would not capture their attention or let parents enjoy it. Mixing something that everyone in the company appreciates makes all the difference. Without boasting, here are 15 amazing activities to do with children in this exciting nation. Make sure you apply for a Turkey visa in time to avoid any hassles.

Cappadocia: Fairy Towers

When kids hear "adventure" and understand it involves hot-air balloons, Cappadocia is unbeatable. After an hour's trip and witnessing the snowy peak of Erciyes, you will check into your family-friendly cave accommodation and rest. Next morning, observing the jaw-dropping panorama from a hot-air balloon (age limit: 6) will be the ideal start, but there is more to do. After breakfast, walk down 4 or 6 stories in an underground city cave, try to explain fairy chimney rock formations, make pottery, hike in some of the nicest valleys, complete the same track on a horse, and more. This is a fantastic site for youngsters, with its million-year history. After Istanbul, they will enjoy a tranquil, pollution-free environment, but will also be thinking about geography.


Istanbul, the Eternal Capital

Istanbul is easily accessible and has several family-friendly activities. The city's 20 million residents include 10 percent toddlers and 4 million youngsters. Istanbul is a kid's paradise. Too many activities to do at this place, so we developed a separate list:

Rahmi Koc Museum

This museum was founded in 1994 by Rahmi Koc, a member of one of Turkey's richest and most recognized families. The industrial museum has trains, automobiles, boats, buses, aircraft, motors, and even a WWII submarine.


Istanbul Theme Park contains more than 5 million bricks. Legoland has a stunning Istanbul-themed mini-park, 4-D theater, kingdom quest, creative workshops, and a factory tour. It may get crowded, especially on weekends and holidays, so buy your ticket online early.

Toy Museum Istanbul

The 4000-piece collection was founded by Turkish poet Sunday Akin in 2005. It is a call for children ages 6 to 18 and parents to read about many civilizations beginning in the 1860s. This museum is on Istanbul's Asian side and makes a great en-route stop.

Cooking hands-on

You have heard about the great Turkish food in each city. Istanbul provides culinary lessons thanks to its people. If you are traveling with preschoolers, let them see you prepare fish from the market. If you are traveling with teens, a culinary tour may help them become more adventurous eaters.

Princess Island

If you have a free day and do not know what to do with it, Prince's Islands may be a fantastic option for escaping Istanbul's hustle and bustle. Taking a 90-minute boat to Buyukada, you may wander around the island (4 km route), rent bicycles or tandems (great for kids), and stay at a lovely hotel with an outdoor pool. After breakfast, stroll to the ferry pier to return to the city.


Miniaturk is an open-air museum showcasing Turkey's landmarks and historical locations, consisting of 135 1:25 size models. They will feel like The BFG Visiting sites and learning about other civilizations' architecture. These include monuments, obelisks, castles, tombs, bridges, synagogues, cathedrals, caravanserais, mosques, palaces, and houses.

Turkish Naval Museum

The Istanbul Maritime Museum has approximately 20,000 artifacts and is among the world's best. It has navigation equipment, ship accessories, seals, decorations, coins, scrolls, pennants, lanterns, amphoras, clocks, costumes, stamps, and inscriptions.

Aquarium Istanbul

Getting close to nature and animals encourages children. Istanbul Aquarium is home to approximately 1500 kinds of 17,000 land & marine creatures from the Black Sea to the Pacifics. This world's largest themed aquarium may need a full day. Kids will adore the rainforest, interactive games, movies, and other visual delights.

Vialand Park (Istanbul)


If you have young children and a free day, this could be an option for part of that day owing to size restrictions (mostly 120 cm height). The theme park is somewhat repetitive, but it is popular with families who want a huge shopping mall and something enjoyable for the kids.

Mrs. Tussauds

A chain wax statues museum is another hands-on attraction at Madame Tussauds. Real-size figures of Einstein, Ataturk, Madonna, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, and others are on display. These sculptures are so genuine, that you can take a photo with your kids' favorite star. The museum features science, culture, VIPs, history, and historical figures. Your youngsters will love wax art and other activities inside.


Adaland Waterpark (Kusadasi)

If an aquapark is the highlight of your family vacation, consider this destination. Aquapark Adaland Kusadasi includes several water activities. This resort has a family slide, water coaster, loop slides, kids pool, activity pool, wave pool, lazy river, rafting, and safari park. Ephesus is nearby and would add educational and historical significance to the tour.


Beach Fun for Kids

After touring Istanbul and Cappadocia, there is no better way to offer children their independence. Turkey has crystal-clear beaches and a choice of family-friendly accommodations, including all-inclusive resorts, private villas, and connected family rooms. Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Antalya are great family beach holidays starting in Cesme.


Cirali and Olympos: Camp


If your party includes kids interested in tent camping or treehouses, Olympos may be an alternative. The region is popular with hippy travelers, although they are also nice hotels and affordable family cottages. The Chimera may be accessed by going uphill for 40 minutes to observe perpetual flames.


Oludeniz's Lycian Way

Lycian Way is an excellent way to take in Mediterranean scenery gently. The complete path from Oludeniz in Fethiye to Antalya is 540 miles and takes 29 days. It might not be wise to walk the full length with the kids, but the trails near Oludeniz would be a terrific half-day and early-morning option. Waymarked routes are rugged and stony.

Oludeniz has paragliding and a blue flag beach in addition to the Lycian Way.


Seakayaking with Kids

Sea kayaking in Kas, a gorgeous Mediterranean town, is another favorite family activity. You may take a full or half-day tour to Kekova's Sunken City of Lycia in less than an hour. Take lunchtime shots at the Knights of Malta's Simena Castle.

We recommend spending more than a day at this stunning location. It is great for scuba diving, hiking, riding, coasteering, SUP, etc. Most hotels in Kas are constructed on platforms by the sea, so if you have little children, you may prefer Kaputas.

Family-friendly Bodrum

Halicarnassus, one of the seven ancient wonders, is upmarket for summer vacationers. Bodrum boasts several family-friendly activities, from gulet tours to hotels with kids' clubs.

It boasts around 70 blue flag beaches with sandy to pebbly coves, and virtually all offer cafés, restaurants, and other family needs. Parasailing, banana boating, and kayaking are available in Gumbet. Do not miss Bodrum Castle and its newly-renovated Underwater Archaeology Museum.


Antalya's Mediterranean Wonders

Antalya is a mecca for chain resorts, but it is also a good base if you want to use the kids club and go on adventures. Better with older kids or teens. Lara is one of the destination's blue flag beaches. Downtown has an aquarium. Koprulu Canyon National Park is the country's premier rafting spot.


Pamukkale's Hot Springs

Pamukkale's hot springs combine history and comfort. The old healing facility contains thermal pools atop a calcium and carbon dioxide hill. The water originates from the earth and is channeled to the pools, and there exists an antique pool of Cleopatra which is open and heated year-round.

In the high season, tour buses may invade the location. Plan your visit to Hierapolis and the natural hot baths to avoid crowds.


Private yacht vacation

If all-inclusive or kids’ clubs are not your thing, go for luxury. Private gulet yacht charters are great for large family trips. Set sail from Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, or Antalya for a memorable family vacation. A highly skilled crew will cook, arrange water sports and tours according to your interests, and why not let the youngsters fish and have a barbeque?


Turkish Ice Cream Challenge

After all the Turkish deliciousness at Spice Market, you can't miss this exciting experience unless you're hiking the entire trip. In his customary outfit, the ice-cream vendor rings the cart's bell with his long scoop on a prominent street or venue. Once in line for the milk, mastic, and orchid tuber ice cream, you'll enjoy the vendor's tricks until you receive the whole thing. Let the youngsters enjoy this traditional and exciting task.


Hamam- The bathing experience

Sweat on the marble "belly" stone, cleanse, relax, and drink tea. Turkish Baths have been a popular gathering place for centuries, especially before technology. Imagine a conventional spa. If you arrive in Istanbul early and your kids are over 4, this is a great family trip start. Hot baths improve blood circulation and vascular function, making jetlag easier to overcome.


Akyaka, Turkey's first Cittaslow town

If your family is keen on eco-friendly holidays or you have never been to a slow city, this may be the place to go. Cittaslow International declared Akyaka, Turkey, a slow city in 2010. Since then, this has become one of the country's most visited slow cities.

Resting by the Azmak River and eating a quiet village breakfast is priceless. It is home to rare creatures and surrounded by unique beauty. Akyaka's beach boasts clean shallow seas, and nearby Akcapinar Beach is a kite surfing destination. Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Beach, has golden sand and the ancient city of Cedrae.


Sazova Park, Eskisehir Science Arts, and Culture

The turquoise "Fairytale Castle" may remind you of Disney World, yet its eight towers commemorate Turkish antiquities. Eskisehir is a 2.5-hour rail ride from Istanbul or a 1-hour flight, depending on arrival and departure schedules.

As the name says, the castle provides diverse fairytale themes for youngsters to roleplay. Other attractions at Sazova Park include a pirate ship, an aquarium, and a science museum.

Turkey has a lot to offer so the suggestion will be to plan accordingly and maximize the experience.