Do you know people spend 80% of their free time on the internet? Whether scrolling Instagram, making Google searches, or chatting on FB Messenger or WhatsApp. Thus the best way to market your products is via online platforms. Digital Marketing is a vast area that is growing and gaining immense importance. 


If you are looking for growth in this industry without any certification or degree, you can think of becoming a PPC expert. 


What is PPC? 

But before learning how to become a PPC Expert, we must understand what PPC is. 


PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of Digital Marketing that is cost-effective and efficient. People need to pay only for the times their ads are being clicked. 


But why should you become a PPC Expert? The answer is simple: it's rising revenue. It is important to note that the world spent over $283 Billion on digital ads in 2018 and over $325 Billion in 2019, even since then the digital market has been blooming and the experts have expected that Google Ads spending will increase to around $500 Billion. 


Following the general rule of demand and supply, as the demand seems to increase, the supply of PPC experts also needs to rise. Making the PPC industry a potential industry to venture into. Apart from this, the best part about this industry is that it does not compulsorily need any certification or any specific degree. Whether you are a fresher with no previous experience or even if you wanna take a career turn, this field is open to everyone who is creative and has high analytical skills. 


What Does a PPC Specialist Do?

Before getting the expert must-have tips for becoming a PPC expert, let's first understand the roles and responsibilities of a PPC expert. 


Design and Build PPC Campaigns

One of the most important roles of a PPC expert is to monitor PPC Campaigns. Creating a campaign encompasses multiple responsibilities such as

  • Keyword research and bidding

  • Audience targeting

  • Ad copywriting

  • Offer design/creation

  • Ad design

  • Landing page design


Monitor Campaign Performance

After creating a campaign, you must monitor it from time to time. they must navigate through the platforms, networks, and software to monitor, manage budget, and ensure profitability. 


PPC expert's roles can vary, some of them are concerned with only one platform while others can focus on multiple by using PPC Ad management software. 


Analyze and Optimize PPC Campaigns

Many people think that PPC is a one-time process but it is wrong. For successful PPC campaigns, one must regularly analyze and optimize ads. The A/B testing is an important role in helping the PPC Experts to determine which ad will be more successful. 


This testing involves keyword targeting, bit management and audience selection, targeting parameters, ad copy, CTA, and much more. 


Identify CRO Opportunities

PPC experts must work on conversion rate optimization (CRO) to enhance the performance of the campaign. To effectively be involved in CRO opportunities, you must modify landing pages, develop websites, graphic designing, and CRO software. This change adds complementary skill sets. 


10 Must-Have Skills for a PPC Expert

  1. Ad Copywriting – Creative writing skills are essential for creating persuasive copies and compelling CTA, that can increase the click-through rate and boost the efficiency of the ad campaigns. Thus, Copywriting is one of the most important skills that PPC experts must have. 


  1. Ad Creative Design – Visually appealing ads have the best chance of conversions. These display ads require creative ad designs. For this PPC expert must know the basics of graphic designing. 


  1. Paid Advertising Networks (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising) – There are many paid advertising networks and their principles and processes are different. To become a successful PPC expert one must become familiar with these networks and their principles. 


  1. Paid Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) – Social Media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter are some of the best forms of paid networks with high potential for conversion. PPC experts must understand their guidelines and algorithms to create a successful ad campaign. 


  1. Paid Community Advertising – Some community websites bring a large audience to a platform, becoming a potential platform for successful campaigns. Some of the best-known community networks are Reddit and Quora. To become an expert in paid advertising, one must be familiar with these platforms. 


  1. Landing Page Design – If your landing page is appealing, attention-grabbing, and informative then the chance of creating a successful campaign becomes higher. PPC experts must possess creative graphic designing skills and web development skills to excel in becoming masters in paid advertising.


  1. Communication – Communication is the key when it comes to advertisement. If you can communicate your ideas in a clear, concise manner and incorporate humor, you just get the secret spice of a successful ad. A PPC expert must excel in communicating the goals and agenda of the advertisement.


  1. Keyword Research – Keyword research holds an important place when it comes to ad campaigns. Best PPCs are those that strike right on the pain points of the audience. You can only do this if you do good keyword research and analyze the search intent of your target audience. 


  1. PPC Campaign Analytics – As mentioned earlier, PPC is not a one-time task, it needs constant modifications and changes. By regularly optimizing your ad, you get the chance to improve the performance of your campaigns. This requires analytical skills and the ability to stay vigilant. 


  1. Teamwork – Last but not least, the PPC experts must have the ability to work as a team. They need to collaborate with marketing professionals, copy writers, and others. 


The job opportunities for PPC experts are growing and it can be a potential industry to venture into with rising Ads spent that is expected to rise by $500 Billion in the year 2024. 

You don't need any certification, though a certificate in PPC management course can give you an added advantage. You can start today with a creative mindset that has clarity of thoughts and the ability to analyze.