Consideration should be given to the sidecar design by concealed carry admirers who are looking for a holster that is both easy to access and comfortable to wear. There are two key considerations to take into account when picking a minimalist IWB holster for everyday carry: comfort and concealment. To ensure a safe deployment in the event that it is required, however, your firearm must be easily accessible.

Sidecar holsters that are positioned beside the hip provide the highest level of comfort while also enabling a CrossDraw grip, which makes it easier to present the weapon quickly. Let's take a look at some of the primary advantages that this practical holster layout offers in comparison to designs that are strong side or appendix.

·        Enhanced Comfort and Wearability

One of the primary benefits of sidecar holsters is that they can be worn during the entire day. Whenever you are seated, the firearm and the additional magazine will dig into your body if you are using a standard strong-side hip holster. Weight distribution is more evenly distributed in the sidecar position, which results in increased comfort when standing and sitting.

The holster "hugs" the natural curves of your body for a more ergonomic experience. Especially when carrying a full-size pistol, keeping hardware off the hipbone really maximizes comfort.

Additionally, the holster backing eliminates the requirement for an additional magazine carrier. Your rig will be lighter and less bulky against your body as a result of this, and you will still have access to the magazines. Those individuals who choose IWB holsters that are simple and uncomplicated will find that the sidecar is a coherent single item.

·        Ease of Concealment

Second, minimalist IWB holster designs maximize concealability, which is especially beneficial for males who wear shirts that are tucked in or for ladies who want to carry a powerful side. The grip is able to tuck in smoothly when the holster is seated because it is facing backward. The barrel of an FBI-raked cant is angled such that it has a flatter profile on your side at all times.

The holster is designed to ride high so that it may take advantage of the natural pocketing that occurs along your ribs in comparison to the hip bone that is protruding. Because of this little inward bend of the body, you are able to run a shorter barrel if you so choose without encountering any printing complications.

·        Enhanced Accessibility and Deployment

One of the biggest advantages of quality sidecar holsters is the CrossDraw grip access they allow. With a traditional strong-side hip position, drawing requires reaching back across your body. This is a longer, sweeping motion that is tough to perform quickly from a seated position.

With the CrossDraw grip facilitated by sidecars, your shooting hand moves straight down naturally along your rib line. This linear draw stroke is much faster and simpler than the rearward reach required on the strong side. The nose-forward seat of the minimalist IWB holster also aids fast presentation.

When operating a vehicle, sitting at a computer, or eating at a restaurant, the draw angle that is straight down is the most comfortable. With a sidecar holster, you can get your hands on the gun in a very short amount of time. If you are looking for a drawstroke that is both simple and ergonomic for concealed carry, the sidecar is an excellent option.

·        Versatile Carry Options

Last but not least, the sidecar holster offers versatility to users who are either right-handed or left-handed. Your dominant hand can be used to construct a holster so that it allows you to utilize CrossDraw. Nevertheless, by exchanging the holster box and the magazine pouch on the rig, it may be converted into a powerful side lefty.

When it comes to women who carry their purses, shoulder bags, or undershirts, sidecar rigs are an excellent choice. When worn beneath clothing, the reduced grip length and balance next to the ribs allow for seamless integration. Sidecars are a versatile solution that can be utilized by anyone who is looking for the highest possible level of comfort, concealment, and accessibility.


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The design of the sidecar holster offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional means of carrying a firearm, including the ability to maximize comfort while providing a natural and rapid draw stroke. This adaptable holster is in line with the requirements of the real world, which is why sidecars continue to receive an increasing amount of popularity.

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