Book sales are growing, and more younger people are becoming active book buyers. It bodes well, but the competition is fierce, and publicity for authors is more essential than ever. It's an axiom among publicists that the media can't interview a book; therefore, it's about authors becoming visible and promoting their work. Given the significant media opportunities given book launches, many savvy business people are becoming authors to take advantage of a book tour. It would be tough to earn equivalent publicity about a business alone. So becoming a writer is more popular than ever before.

Traditional book publicity commonly refers to earned media coverage – mentions in news or feature articles and interviews on TV, radio, or podcasts. A third-party journalist or interviewer gives a book coverage that confers stature on an author in each of those. When those occur, they can be posted to a writer's social media, linked on websites, and shared with other media considering coverage. They are above and beyond what can be achieved DIY on social media. Most people with the largest online followings have achieved celebrity elsewhere (film, music, TV sports) and leveraged their fame online. 

Book PR plans and publicists can vastly improve results. Even if you plan to market your book DIY, write out a plan and set a budget. It's easy to overlook things when you're in the rush of the moment around launch time. The written plan is your reference to make sure everything happens on time and as planned. Adding a professional publicist to your team can be transformational for authors with sufficient budgets. They bring a list of media contacts (and good relationships) and the time and experience needed to promote your book. PR campaigns can bring short and long-term results. 

Every author today needs a good website. It serves as an online hub of information and will attract searches when developed with good content. Lacking a website today will make people ask questions and wonder. It's simple to avoid those issues by posting a good site before launching your first book. Consider blogging also as a way to engage with fans and readers online. Your blog is connected to your website and helps you improve your visibility online. Creativity and innovation always help spark success, and while you don't need to replicate everything other authors do, it's wise to mee the competition.