You are studying marketing in a college; you will have to write different types of academic papers related to marketing like essay assignments, case studies etc. Some students struggle to develop these ideas, so they seek essay assignment help and find solutions from themselves. Since you are learning about marketing, you must have sound knowledge about the job scope. There are different types of marketing professionals, and the positions differ from one to the other. Here are some of the marketing jobs you can consider.

  1. 1. SEO specialist

National average salary: $52,856 per year

Main duties: 

One of the most promising jobs for marketing employees is to become an SEO specialist. SEO is search engine optimisation, and the job profile of an SEO specialist is to analyse and enhance the ranking of digital content and ensure it stays on top of search engine results. Moreover, they are responsible for driving the traffic to a company’s website and testing and analysing the data to regulate the trends. Moreover, they have to scrutinise the data before and after they apply paid search campaign. To become an SEO analyst, you need to have strong analytical skills, strong critical thinking, and python programming assignment help or technical skills.

  1. Digital marketing coordinator

National average salary: $60,116 per year

Main duties: 

Another option is becoming a digital marketing coordinator. They are responsible for overseeing the proper execution of marketing campaigns. Moreover, they develop and ensure that employees meet the campaign deadlines; they develop and manage college assignment help and the campaign from start to finish. To become a digital marketing coordinator, you need to possess organisational, time-management, and communication skills to succeed in this role.

  1. Content marketer

National average salary: $60,566 per year

Main duties: 

If you enjoy writing and have a creative mind, this is the job for you; content marketers or copywriters develop precise content like blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, website copy, and video scripts. Content marketers are experts in this field because they know how to use the SEO strategies that can help rank the content on the first page in the search engines. To become a content marketer, you need to be creative, detail-oriented and have excellent research skills. 


The above-mentioned jobs are appropriate for you and give you a sneak peek of what is in store for your marketing career. In addition, while studying marketing, you can ask an expert to ‘do my assignment if you are struggling to prepare one.

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