Sam is planning to go on a date tonight with Tiffany, the love of her life. They were talking since months and now finally these two love birds have decided to take one step forward.

Well, its Sam's first date and first has to be perfect so that it can become second and third and fourth. So will be helping him, would you like to join us?


  1. Send her flowers and a small gift before date.

Before starting your date, first and foremost thing which you will be doing is sending her flowers with a small gift. If you know her taste, that's great otherwise you can send her something which reminds her of you every time she looks at it. Don't you dare to send her teddy bear. She is not a school-going girl. 


  1. Act like a gentleman.

After she reaches the venue, make her comfortable. Compliment and pull the chair for her. Even if she says," no it's fine, you don't have to" you will still do it. 


3. Don't be an open book.

I know you guys have been talking to each other since months and you feel that comfort zone with her still its good to remain mysterious. Let her find out the real "Sam". Instead of telling what you like and dislike try to know her in real as knowing a person in actual and in virtual life is different. Virtually you can't find out what exactly the other person is feeling about you. It's easy to lie on social media but when you do the same thing in real life, chances of getting caught increases.

Well, I am not saying that you shouldn't talk about yourself, you should, but don't tell your dirty secrets in one go. Once you gain that sort of trust, that's the right time to tell her.


4. Don't forget, 'Eyes are the windows to the soul.'

There is a saying that 'Eyes are the windows to the soul,' which means even if you don't want to tell another person what exactly you feel about it, your eyes will express whether you are interested or not? So instead of texting your friend on a phone, how about concentrating on what your date is talking about?.

Talk to her, listen to her because that's the reason why are you there so make her feel special. And even if you don't find things working out, least you can do is listen to her like a gentleman.


5. Be thorough with table manners.

You might not realise the fact that table manners do play a major role because no one would like to share a table with a person who doesn't know how to use a table napkin or Fork. No one would like to share a table with a person who eats like a starving man because that's enough to kill the romantic evening. Don't be that person who keeps on tilting the table with his elbows, guzzles soup, or talks with food in the mouth hence make sure you prep yourself. If you don't know what to do in a cafe, catch up on some eating behaviour tips and practise in front of a mirror until great habits become natural. 


Regardless of whether you have faultless social graces, there are a few nourishments that are untidy regardless of what you do. Except if these things are the main ones on the menu, you should maintain a strategic distance from specific nourishments, for example, spaghetti, triple-decker sandwiches, crab, and other chaotic dishes, except if you are certain that you can eat them without splattering them all over yourself and your date.


  1. Treat her equal.

I know you want to pay all the amount by yourself. You don't want to bother her or look like a gentleman but I am not sure whether she will like that or not. You need to realise that gone are those days when the man consistently took care of the check. Be set up to pay for any food you eat, drinks you devour, and amusement you appreciate on your date. If you are not sure about splitting the bill, you may ask her politely whether she wants to split the bill or not or may ask her indirectly" Would you mind if I pay the whole bill?". In this case, you need to be smart


7. There is nothing wrong with being old-school.

To make the right impression, you have been working hard to get the right shape but you should know the right place to flaunt your abs and even if you want her to stare at your 6-pack abs, make it decent by unbuttoning the one button of your shirt. Outfits that you should consider wearing on the first date is a white shirt and black pant with formals shoes. If you are one of those who has a thing for casuals, go for a white shirt with folded sleeves, denim and sports shoes with a sports watch. Don't forget your Davidoff and make sure you apply it on your erogenous zones. 


  1. Try to make the conversation interesting.

Interesting conversation is one thing which decides whether you will be going on the second date with her or not, ensure that you keep her engaged. Ask her what she likes, hates or who the closet person in her life instead of telling about you, yourself, your weakness and strength. Remember to pose inquiries to show your enthusiasm for the other individual, and afterwards allow that person to react.


9. Be honest.

When we were kids our teachers used to tell us " Honesty is the best policy". Well, we never cared about that and never applied in our real life but when it's about love, you need to be honest because starting a life based on truth ends up into breakup. Trust me.

If you hate pets and children, keep the guts to tell her or if you don't agree on a certain point tell her that " I don't feel the way you feel about this topic". She will respect you for that. Always remember that acting like somebody else just to impress your partner makes no sense. You are what you are and if she really loves you, she will accept the way you are and vice versa. When you accept someone with their flawless that is what real love is. 


  1. Wear comfortable lingerie.

Now, this is something Sam which you need to take care off, wearing a comfortable men's underwear. Why?


Because no one likes to see other person pulling up their underwear every time they stand or walk so make sure you invest in lingerie that is not only comfortable yet supportive, erotic( because you might get lucky) and gives you the feeling of nothingness. Besides that, fabrics in which it is crafted should be breathable, lightweight and care for your manhood. 

Another important aspect which you need to look before picking up lingerie is its style. There are a lot of styles that comes with a skinny version. Though they are comfortable but not to every person. Hence I would suggest you go for jockstraps when you are looking in an erotic range otherwise wearing boxer brief or thong is also a great idea.

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