Among agricultural machinery, the Swaraj 724 tractor stands out as a formidable workhorse, balancing power, efficiency and affordability This compact yet powerful tractor is popular with farmers due to its versatility and reliability. Let’s examine the basics, including price, features and mid-range.

Price Rate:

One of the main factors every farmer considers is the cost-effectiveness of the tractor. Known for its value for money, the Swaraj 724 tractor comes with an affordable price tag. Farmers appreciate the combination of features and efficiency in its pricing, making it an attractive option for those seeking efficiency without breaking the bank. The Swaraj 724 Price is between Rs. 5.05 to 5.45 lakhs*

Power-Packed Performance:

The heart of the Swaraj 724 lies in its performance. With a powerful engine under the hood, this tractor offers plenty of power for handling a variety of agricultural tasks. Whether it is ploughing, seeding, or hauling, the Swaraj 724 ensures a smooth and efficient operation. Farmers can count on its consistent performance, increasing overall yields in the region.

Versatility in action:

In addition to price and capability, the Swaraj 724 tractor is known for its versatility. They are designed to suit different agricultural needs, with features to suit different applications. The tractor’s compatibility with a range of equipment and attachments makes it a versatile companion throughout the farming cycle from soil preparation to harvesting.

Ergonomics and comfort:

Understanding the long hours required in the field, Swaraj has incorporated ergonomic design elements into the 724 model. Comfortable seating, simple controls and a well-designed cabin help reduce fatigue during long working hours. This attention to crew comfort adds to the Swaraj 724’s overall appeal.


In the tractor world, the Swaraj 724 stands out as a well-rounded alternative, finding the sweet spot between affordability and performance. Farmers looking for a reliable partner that can handle a variety of tasks while keeping operating costs in check find the Swaraj 724 tractor a compelling choice. With affordability, durability and versatility, it continues to make its mark as a must-have property for the modern farmer.