If a spouse discovers evidence of child abuse or mistreatment, he or she might opt to file for divorce in order to protect the children from further abuse. Individuals whose partners abuse their children often fail to accept the abuse any longer for the sake of their family's well-being. When a person petitions for divorce on the basis of child abuse, they almost always get custody of the kids. In general, four models of child abuse are generally accepted as forms of abuse. They are as follows:

Emotional abuse: In most cases, verbal assault such as name-calling and ridicule, though this may include subjecting a child to other emotionally disturbing experiences.

Neglect: Failing to sufficiently provide clothing, shelter, nourishment, education, medical care, and other life-essential needs of a child.

Physical abuse: Physically harming the child with physical force, such as hitting, kicking, slapping, choking, or inflicting other sorts of bodily harm.
Sexual abuse: Using a child for sexual stimulation may include sexual intercourse, inappropriate touching, showing child pornography, or other lewd acts with a child.

Each of these forms of abuse can leave a child both physically and emotionally hurt, which is why parents need to put an end to abuse when they discover that their spouses are inflicting this harm on their children. Anyone aware of abuse must do everything they can to remove a child from the dangerous situation he or she faces.

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