The ICC World Cup 2023 has been a journey with many memories, heartbreaks, victories, and fun. And now, it’s time for the South Africa vs Australia semi-final showdown. Both the teams are ready with their greatest players, and the match will be thrilling. So, cricket enthusiasts, tighten up your seat belts and get ready with us to witness the most exciting cricket match of the decade.

This blog post will explore some important highlights of the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule for this semi-final II match. Additionally, we will analyze the point table and determine the match’s expected outcomes.

When is the South Africa vs Australia Semi-Final?

The moment for which all the cricket enthusiasts have been waiting is finally here: the South Africa vs Australia semi-final. The match will be held on Thursday, November 16, at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, at 2:00 pm IST.

The air is filled with excitement after the India vs New Zealand semi-final match. Team India has remarkably turned all the attention of the fans towards them by their great performance. The thrilling game occurred at Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium on November 15, 2023, at 2:00 PM IST. Following India’s victory, it is time to witness who will play against them in the grand final: Africa? or it will be Australia?

Weather Forecast For South Africa Vs Australia Match

Nobody wants the rain to fall on their big day! However, the weather says something else. While it might bring fortune to South Africa, it will not be fortunate for Australia. According to resources, South Africa will automatically step into the grand final if the day experiences rain.

This twist of event is estimated according to the weather forecast and the ICC World Cup 2023 Points Table. South Africa stands in the number two position, followed by India, who has secured first place.

Nevertheless, seeing both teams play and take on each other for finals at the Eden Gardens will be thrilling.

South Africa vs Australia Semi-Final Players

The match of South Africa vs Australia is going to be mind-blowing, twisting, and trilling. Fans are excited for both teams to take on each other and see who will secure the position to battle in the Final against India. Given that, here are the squad members of both the teams:-

south africa world cup 2023 semi-final players
Australia world cup 2023 semi-final players

Semi-Final: South Africa Vs Australia Match Predictions

The South Africa vs Australia match is going to undertake history with it. The years of rivalry between both teams make it even more exciting and thrilling this season.

The match will commence with the toss, and the winner must choose between batting and balling. The Australian ballers are the best spinners, whereas South Africa has got a bunch of all-rounders in its squad.

The strictly packed ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule left us as the endpoint where it is hard to determine the win chances for either of them. Considering South Africa has a Net Run Rate, we can expect the team to knock out Australia in the Semi-Final II.

Nevertheless, fans are eagerly waiting for the match and hooting for their favourite teams. The champions from each team are at their full potential to face off against each other and get their steps into the ICC World Cup 2023 Finals. Given that, here is the ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule for finals:-

winner prediction of semi-final world cup winner between South Africa vs. Australia

Where To Watch South Africa Vs Australia Match?

Millions of people across the world are waiting for this game. Not to mention, the 10,000 seats at the Eden Gardens are already pre-booked. The air is filled with the sensation, and here is how you can watch the live game from your home:-

Disney Plus Hotstar has featured all the matches commencing from October 5, India. Of course, the South Africa vs Australia match will be shown with giant banners and promotions. Given that, here is how you can enjoy watching your game online:-

1. Launch the Disney Plus Hotstar website or app

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2. Buy Premium

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3. Watch Live

Disney Plus Hostar streams live matches. Additionally, the post-recording of each match is available on the platform! Considering this, you can watch the previous games whenever you want.


The South Africa vs Australia match is not just another semi-final battle. It holds a long journey of hard work, passion, courage, and luck! The clash between both teams is going to create a sensation in the air, and the fans cannot wait any longer. Despite both teams having worked all the way through the semi-finals, only the stronger team will get into the Grand Final and battle against India at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, 19 November 2023.