NP Financials is a Prop Trading Firm in Melbourne. We provide both Training and Funding to Forex, Shares trading, stock trading, and Commodities Traders. We help Traders to overcome the biggest obstacles they face in the form of not having enough Trading Capital. NP Financials is Australia's #1 regulated Prop Trading Firm with Simplest Funded Trading Model.
Keeping everything in mind, we have designed our Capital Funded offerings. We run Trader Auditions to find good Traders and Fund them. After passing the Audition, they will be a Funded Trader and Trade our Capital with carrying 70% profit. Contact us at ++61397906476 for a great start to learning trading from NPF professional traders.

NP Financials Trading Services:

Forex Trading
Cryptocurrency Trading
Intraday Trading
Commodity Trading
Index Trading
Share Trading
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