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  • A rival in love dressed as a general [entertainment circle] -- Song Hua Chun Xue
    Guan Man's acting skills are passable, and his brain is flexible, so he quickly integrates into the role. Guang Qian plays Huo Lang, his face is red, his eyes are hazy, a black cloth, sitting in the room, drinking alone. Wison. His surname is Xu and his given name is Huisheng. He took his last sip of wine and whispered it in a self-deprecating way, as if he had some obsession with it. Without...
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  • Future military doctor
    Updated February 2, 2010 18:43:47 Words in this Chapter: 4376 When Wu Xiangdong called King Wu on his way back, King Wu thought of a man. At this time, he said with a smile, 'Chen Changzhi. I didn't think it was really you. I haven't seen you for a few years. When I saw you, you were working hard to start a business. Now you have lost all your billions of yuan, which is something that very...
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  • Who will take the zither?
    We walked all the way back through the corridor, and this is the legendary rich and noble family? Pavilions and terraces in the distance, dotted with stars, surrounded by peaks, lush bamboo and trees, quiet streams, it looks extraordinary at night, and it should be even more charming during the day! While admiring, I looked at Lan and found that his face was still expressionless, as if he was...
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  • Play the piano and say love
    He did not answer, but after shooting two complex burning eyes at her, he suddenly shook his head and turned to stride away. Leave her cold all over. ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### The final was about to begin, but her heart could not calm down. Because he didn't give her an encouraging smile before he went on stage like before. Every time she took part in the competition, his smile made her...
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  • The national color of the end of the world is unparalleled.
    The reason why he concluded that Liu Pipa wanted to kill himself was that Lingyun knew what kind of person Wu Mengyao was. Wu Mengyao's mind was not complicated. She wanted to kill herself, so she came to kill herself directly. She would never use her hands on others. If these two people were not sent by Wu Mengyao, they were sent by Liu Pipa. She and Liu Pipa have no hatred, just because she...
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  • Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703
    This group has a total of four people, two men and two women, such a combination is rare, mainly because the road is not wide, so when deciding to create such a combination, the company also considered for a long time. Fortunately, these four people have a good foundation, mainly because they look good. After a period of training, the tacit understanding was good, so the company finally agreed...
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  • The court of the Wei Dynasty
    Just as he was about to fall asleep, he caught a glimpse of a figure outside the tent. 『……』 Zhao Hongrun immediately became alert and held the dagger beside him in his hand. But on second thought. He was a little amused by his reaction. You know, this is the camp area of the Qingyang tribe. The men of the Qingyang tribe have special personnel patrolling back and forth between the...
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  • Eternal Life _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise
    "But fortunately, this son has not become an eternal giant, can not extract the pure Yang in the spirit of the fairy world, burn the pure Yang, play the power of the Tao is nothing to be afraid of, if I want to kill him, I can display a few supreme magical powers of the loss of longevity yuan, I have a move of heaven and earth with longevity, loss of a thousand years of life, have the power to...
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  • Guide to the Counterattack of a Blessed Woman
    Although Han Shisheng is the flow of Xiaosheng, but not the top, and the speed of information updates on the Internet is too fast, relying on this matter alone is already the limit of two days, the fourth day, has already been weak. However, as soon as the recording came out, the fandom exploded again. Han Shisheng's fans, needless to say, were all shocked by Tang Yiyuan's cheekiness and abused...
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  • Top
    Although the frightened ghost could also climb the wall, he knew he couldn't breathe and speak in the air like the old man. He stopped under the wall and slowly took out a pair of transparent gloves like silk and glass. He said word by word, "I'll give you a stove of incense. If the old man has half a minute to speak, the ghost's martial arts may be no match for you. At least there is some...
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