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  • Bone-off incense
    Shen Mo was silent, indeed, although there was water to relax, but he had never used it before. Because no matter how many women like him, what does it have to do with him? He thinks he is not a gentle and kind person. He never cares about other people's feelings. When he pesters his woman, he says nothing and has a frozen look in his eyes, which is enough to make the other party retreat. How...
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  • Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise
    It is precisely because of this reason that Jin Dingshan has not said anything over the years, and has not cared about what happened at the beginning. In any case, Kim Jong-pyong is also his son, as long as he can contribute to the growth of the Kim family, in fact, it doesn't matter who is the head of the family. Recently, however, Jin Zhengping did something that disappointed Jin Dingshan. He...
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  • Little Fox's Journey to the Other World 2
    With these words, she put her hand in front of me, and the wound that was not shallow before was healing slowly at a speed that her eyes could catch. In a short time, only a dark cocoon was left. As she peeled off the cocoon, the pink skin had already formed.. I clapped my hands and laughed,gear reduction motor, "That's awesome!" Dora smirked. "Of course." All right, give me what you have in...
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  • Winner is king _ Lin Hai Tingtao _ txt novel paradise
    After the match, Chang Sheng asked the reporters at the press conference: "I know you are stubborn, but I can tell you now that this is not an accidental phenomenon. Today's David.". Silva, you will see it often in the future. 。 Of course, you can continue to be tough, and I don't mind if I continue to slap you in the face. That evening, the Italian media reported the match, in which David....
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  • Meditations
    36. Do not be led by the nose by the appearance of things without consideration, but give help to all according to your ability and suitability for them; and if they suffer an insignificant material loss, do not think of it as a damage. Because it's a bad habit. But when this old man, when he's gone, look back at the peak of the child he raised, and remember that this is the peak, and you have...
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  • People have their uses.
    In other words, as far as my consciousness is concerned, all I know is the command issued and the response signal sent back. For me personally, the fact that the signal passes through a machine or a person in its mediation stage is irrelevant, and in any case, it does not change my relationship with the signal too much. Thus, engineering control theory, whether human, animal, or mechanical, is...
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  • The official road is boundless by Regan
    Lu Weimin thought that there must be some unknown things in it, especially when he learned that Ye Man, on behalf of Yuye Company, had also sought out the relevant parties many times, such as the Changzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, the Economic Investigation Team of the Changjiang Public Security Department and the Changzhou Procuratorate, but they were all pushed by all parties and...
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  • Wu. Move . *** . Kun
    When the other three heard this, Liu Qing and Kun yuan nodded without hesitation, while Mu Di hesitated a little, but finally gritted his teeth. At this time, if there were any more differences, I'm afraid there would be no way out. Four people are almost swept out at the same time, immediately vast yuan Li surge, in that yuan Li, there is a taste of reincarnation diffuse, obviously, four...
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  • In those days, there were thousands of miles to look for the title of Marquis.
    Xuan Congxin picked up the veil and pressed the corners of his mouth. "Or what?"? I want to go back to Qian'an. If you don't drink, I can only drink. Xuan looked up at Xuan Rui from the heart, "you spent so long, don't you want me to replace you?" "Bastard!" Xuan Rui was furious, "I am timid!"! But I can hurt you?! Xuanrui gasped for breath. He scolded Xuanrui from head to toe and ordered her...
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  • Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]
    As soon as Guo Moruo heard this, he said that the idea was good, with praise and criticism, and that it was a very meaningful work. When he returned, he organized people to start writing. Pan Tianshou, 41 years old, presided over the teaching of Chinese painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts. From the moment he saw Liu Yimin, he was observing Liu Yimin. This moment cannot help, open a...
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